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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995-01Aluminum chloride catalyzed stereo- and regiospecific allylsilylation of alkynes: a convenient route to silyldienes.정일남; 연승호; 한준수, et al
1978-01Complex formation of uranium(VI) with organic phosphate ligands in the solvent extraction system.손연수; 도영규
2002-01Design and properties of mixed-metal multinuclear molecules. part Ⅱ . novel heterotrinuclear complexes of [Ag(PPh ₃ ) ₂ ] ₂ [Cu(mtm) ₂ ] and [Ag ₂ (dppm) ₂ ][Cu(mtm) ₂ ](mtm = [bis(methylthio박영준; 도영규; 김관묵, et al
1991-01Heterodinuclear group 6 metallacarboranes: synthesis and characterization of [closo-3,3,3-(CO)//3-3-SnPh//3-3,1,2-MC//2B//9H//1//1]**-(M = Cr, Mo, W).손연수; 김진권; 도영규, et al
1991-01Heteroleptic crown thioether complexes: synthesis and characterization of [M(CO)//3(9S3](M=Cr, Mo, W) :손연수; 정종화; 김현준, et al
1997-01Platinum(II) complexes of 3,3'-disubstituted-2,2'-bipyridines. Synthesis, structures, cytotoxic effect and unusual solvolysis in DMSO유정수; 김재학; 손연수, et al
1989-01Synthesis and structural characterization of a zwitterionic triphenylphosphine derivative of the dicarbollide anion : [nido-9-P(C6H5)₃-7,8-C₂B9H11]김관묵; 도영규; Carolyin B. Knobler, et al
1999-01Synthesis, structures and antitumor activity of the first crown ester-linked bipyridyl platinum complexes유정수; 손연수; 도영규
1999-09-04폴리이미드화 졸-겔 전구체, 공소화된 졸-겔 단량체 및 이들로부터 제조된 공소화된 유기-무기 혼성 절연 저유전체 재료김환규; 도영규; 백남섭, et al