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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-02A portable power-pack fueled by carbonsilane-based chemical hydrides김용민; 윤창원; 한원식, et al
2006-02An efficient catalytic system for the carbomethoxylation of ethylene oxide김훈식; 배진용; 이제성, et al
2010-07[Bu4P]+Cl--Catalyzed Reactions of Trichlorosilane and Dichloromethylsilane with Vinyltrichlorosilane: New Synthetic Method for 1,1,4,4-Tetrachloro-2,5-bis(trichlorosilyl)-1,4-disilacyclohexane Compounds홍순현; 현상일; 정일남, et al
2004-09Complexation of phthalate oxygens in poly(ethylene phthalate) with silver ions and its effect on the formation of silver nanoparticles강상욱; 김종학; 고동균, et al
2013-11Convenient metal embedment into mesoporous silica channels for high catalytic performance in AB dehydrogenation박진형; 김성관; 김한성, et al
2014-02Correlation between the Growth Rate of White Graphene (h-BN) and Grain Orientation of Polycrystalline Nickel Foil조현진; 박성찬; 펠리시타, et al
2014-12Development of a solvent-free hydrogen storage and release system based on semi-solid-state ammonia borane (AB) fuel: high gravimetric capacity and feasibility for practical application김성관; 홍성안; 손호진, et al
2008-06Effect of the polarity of silver nanoparticles induced by ionic liquids on facilitated transport for the separation of propylene/propane mixtures강상욱; 이동훈; 박종혁, et al
2003-06Effect of valine on facilitated olefin transport membranes.강상욱; 김종학; 원종옥, et al
2013-02Efficient catalytic conversion of ammonia borane to borazine and its use for hexagonal boron nitride (white graphene)김성관; 조현진; 김명종, et al
2003-03Enhancement of facilitated olefin transport by amino acid in silver-polymer complex membranes.강상욱; 김종학; 원종옥, et al
2001-04Facile generation of bimetallic titanium alkoxides with silacycloalkyl- or silacycloalkenyldiamide ligands: oxo-insertion involving dimerization or rearrangement김성준; 정일남; 유복렬, et al
2015-07Growth kinetics of white graphene (h-BN) on a planarised Ni foil surface조현진; 박성찬; 원동일, et al
2004-05Highly stabilized silver polymer electrolytes and their application to facilitated olefin transport membranes강상욱; 김종학; K.S.Oh, et al
2010-06Ionic diffusion in various electrolytes and the implications for dye-sensitized solar cells박종혁; 최규진; 강상욱, et al
2000-11Isolation of a pyridinium alkoxy ion bridged dimeric zinc complex for the coupling reactions of CO₂ and epoxides김훈식; 김재준; 이병권, et al
2005-04Long-Term Separation Performance of Phthalate Polymer/Silver Salt Complex Membranes for Olefin/Paraffin Separation강상욱; 김종학; 차국헌, et al
2013-07Low Temperature Synthesis of Hexagonal Boron Nitride (White Graphene) by Remote Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition조현진; 박성찬; 이창협, et al
2012-08LPCVD Synthesis of High Crystalline Hexagonal Boron Nitride Using Pure Borazine조현진; 김성관; 강상욱, et al
2009-07Morphology Effect of Sulfonated Triblock Copolymers for Water Retention and Proton Conductivity at High Temperature강상욱; 최소곤; 황승상, et al
2008-04Nanocomposite membranes containing positively polarized gold nanoparticles for facilitated olefin transport강상욱; 홍진기; 박종혁, et al
2000-12New Group 9 metal complexes containing N,P-chelate ligand system. Synthesis, characterization and application to catalytic hydrogenation이흥새; 배진용; 고재정, et al
2003-04Novel titanium compounds for metal-organic chemical vapor deposition of titanium dioxide films with an ultrahigh deposition rate.우경자; 이완인; 이종성, et al
2013-03Order-disorder transition in the Molecular Orientation dueing Initial Grwoth of Organic Thin Film권순남; Tae Gun Kim; 최원국, et al
2010-07Palladium Catalysts for Dehydrogenation of Ammonia Borane with Preferential B−김성관; 한원식; 김태진, et al
1998-01Palladium-catalyzed selective dechlorination of polychloromethylsilanes with trichlorosilane조연석; 한준수; 유복렬, et al
2010-02Phosphine-Catalyzed Si-C Coupling of Bissilylmethanes: Preparation of Cyclic (Cl2SiCH2)2 and Linear Cl2Si(CH2SiCl3)2 via Silylene and Silene Intermediates홍순현; 현상일; 정일남, et al
2012-01Photodynamic Behavior of Heteroleptic Ir(III) Complexes with Carbazole-Functionalized Dendrons Associated with Efficient Electron Transfer Processes황아름; 한원식; 위경랑, et al
2009-04Regioregular 폴리사이오펜을 매크로개시제로 이용한 블록공중합체의 합성 및 분석이윤재; 최소곤; 강상욱, et al
2002-01Rhodium and iridium phosphinothiolato complexes. Synthesis and crystal structures of mononuclear [M(cod)(S,P-SC//2B//1//0H//1//0PPh//2] and dinuclear [M//2(CO)//2(S,P- μ -SC//2B//1//0H//1//0PPh//2]...이흥서; 배진용; 김대현, et al