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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-03A Comparative Study of Nanoparticle-Ink-Based CIGSSe Thin Film Solar Cells on Different Back Contact Substrates박세진; 조진우; 박기순, et al
2015-03A monolithic and standalone solar-fuel device having comparable efficiency to photosynthesis in nature전효상; 고재현; 박세진, et al
2013-07A nano-patterned photonic crystal laser with a dye-doped liquid crystal고두현; Stephen M. Morris; Alexander Lorenz, et al
2009-04Absorption and quasiguided mode analysis of organic solar cells with photonic crystal photoactive layersJohn R. Tumbleston; 고두현; Edward T. Samulski, et al
2014-07Additive-Free Hollow-Structured Co3O4 Nanoparticle Li-Ion Battery: The Origins of Irreversible Capacity LossYoungjun Kim; Jung-Hyun Lee; Sungeun Cho, et al
2014-10All-Inkjet-Printed, All-Air-Processed Solar CellsSungjune Jung; Antony Sou; Kulbinder Banger, et al
2010-11Analyzing local exciton generation profiles as a means to extract transport lengths in organic solar cellsJohn R. Tumbleston; 고두현; Edward T. Samulski, et al
2011-07Biomimetic microlens array with antireflective ''moth-eye'' surface고두현; John R. Tumbleston; Kevin J. Henderson, et al
2014-11Blue Inorganic Light Emitting Diode on Flexible Polyimide Substrate Using Laser Lift-Off Process닐리쉬; 김영동; 고형덕, et al
2012-07Blue-phase templated fabrication of three-dimensional nanostructures for photonic applicationsF. Castles; F. V. Day; S. M. Morris, et al
2014-09Broadband light absorption using a multilayered gap surface plasmon resonator고형덕; 고두현; Younghak Cho, et al
2014-06Built-in potential shift and Schottky-barrier narrowing in organic solar cells with UV-sensitive electron transport layersCheng Li; Dan Credgington; 고두현, et al
2014-01Charge Transport in Ordered and Disordered Regions in Pristine and Sonicated-Poly(3-hexylthiophene) FilmsByoungnam Park; 고두현
2014-10Competition between Charge Transport and Energy Barrier in Injection-Limited Metal/Quantum Dot Nanocrystal Contacts김영준; 조승근; 정선호, et al
2014-04Efficiency limitations in a low band-gap diketopyrrolopyrrole-based polymer solar cellSebastian Albert-Seifried; 고두현; Sven Hu¨ttner, et al
2009-01Electrophotonic enhancement of bulk heterojunction organic solar cells through photonic crystal photoactive layerJohn R. Tumbleston; 고두현; Edward T. Samulski, et al
1999-06Influence of the molecular length on the occurrence of incommensurate low ordered smectic phases for non-symmetric dimesogenic compoundsF. HARDOUIN; M. F. ACHARD; M. LAGUERRE, et al
2012-12Large area nanofabrication of butterfly wing's three dimensional ultrastructuresMukti Aryal; 고두현; John R. Tumbleston, et al
2011-11Light-trapping nano-structures in organic photovoltaic cells고두현; John R. Tumbleston; Abay Gadisa, et al
2011-03Liquid crystal alignment on polymer line gratingsWalter Schenck; 고두현; Edward Samulski
2016-05Multi-Functional Transparent Luminescent Configuration for Advanced Photovoltaics한일기; 한준수; 권석준, et al
2016-02Multi-functional transparent luminescent configuration for advanced photovoltaics한일기; 한준수; 권석준, et al
2010-10Nonideal parasitic resistance effects in bulk heterojunction organic solar cellsJohn R. Tumbleston; 고두현; Edward T. Samulski, et al
2013-09Optically activated shutter using a photo-tunable short-pitch chiral nematic liquid crystalS. M. Morris; M. M. Qasim; K. T. Cheng, et al
2015-02Optically Switchable Smart Windows with Integrated Photovoltaic Devices권현근; 이규태; 허가현, et al
2009-07Photonic Crystal Geometry for Organic Solar Cells고두현; John R. Tumbleston; Lei Zhang, et al
2011-02Photonic crystal geometry for organic polymer:fullerene standard and inverted solar cells고두현; John R. Tumbleston; Walter Schenck, et al
2015-04Simultaneous enhancement of upconversion and downshifting luminescence via plasmonic structure이규태; 박종현; 권석준, et al
2016-10Sonication effect on all-polymer solar cell performance한일기; BARANGE NILESH; 김영동, et al
2015-05Structural Origin of the Band Gap Anomaly of Quaternary Alloy CdxZn1 xSySe1y Nanowires, Nanobelts, and Nanosheets in the Visible Spectrum권석준; 박재관; 정해민, et al