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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002-07A 20- Å -thick interwoven sheet consisting of nanotubes.정옥상; 김은주; 김관묵, et al
2003-06A metal-centered hydrophobic pocket recognizing pyridine over piperidine.김기현; 송릿다; 김관묵
2003-09A ruthenium( Ⅱ ) complex with a tetradentate C ₂ -symmetric bis(phosphino)-bis(oxazoline) ligand for asymmetric transfer hydrogenation of aromatic ketones.이상기; 정효령; 김관묵, et al
2000-11A zigzag-type one-dimensional coordination polymer formed by (2,2-dimethyl-1,3-propanediamine)-bis(isonicotinato)platinum(II) and copper nitrate송릿다; 김관묵; 손연수
2004-07Chiral Shift Reagent for Amino Acids Based on Resonance-Assisted Hydrogen BondingJik Chin; 김동찬; 김혜조, et al
1999-09Cocrystallization of two conformers of (2S,3S,9S,10S)-2,3,9,10-tetraphenyl-1,4,8,11-tetraoxacyclotetradecane-6,13-dione송충의; 김양희; 김관묵, et al
1996-01Conformational properties of potassium 1,3-Dithiolan-2-ylidenemalonate.김관묵; 정옥상; 손연수, et al
1998-01Coordination mode vs. anticancer activity of the platinum(II) complexes involving sulfur-containing ylidenemalonate ligands김관묵; 손연수
1998-10Copper(II) and silver(I) heterometallic comlpexes of bis(alkylthio)methylidenemalonate ligands and their magnetic properties김관묵; s 박영준; 서동준, et al
1998-08Copper(II) and silver(I) heterometallic complexes of bis(alkylthio)methylidenemalonate ligands where a carboxylate oxygen bridge the metals in μ2 types 박영준; 김관묵; 전무진
1999-01Cytotoxicity of two novel cisplatin analogues, (CPA) ₂ Pt[DOLYM] and (DACH)Pt[DOLYM], to human cancer cells in vitro최상운; 김광희; 최은정, et al
1999-06C₂-symmetric bisphosphinobioxazoline as a chiral ligand. Highly enantioselective palladium-catalyzed allylic substitutions and formation of P,N,N,P tetradentate palladium (II) complexes이상기; 임청우; 송충의, et al
2002-01Design and properties of mixed-metal multinuclear molecules. part Ⅱ . novel heterotrinuclear complexes of [Ag(PPh ₃ ) ₂ ] ₂ [Cu(mtm) ₂ ] and [Ag ₂ (dppm) ₂ ][Cu(mtm) ₂ ](mtm = [bis(methylthio박영준; 도영규; 김관묵, et al
2000-06Electrophilic substitution of (Diamine)tetrahydroxoplatinum(Ⅳ) with Carboxylic Anhydrides. Synthesis and characterization of (Diamine)platinum(Ⅳ)complexes of mixed carboxylates송릿다; 김관묵; 이숭실, et al
1999-01Facile synthesis and structural properties of (diamine)tetracarboxylatoplatinum(IV) complexes김관묵; 이영아; 이숭실, et al
1998-11Heterometallic multinuclear complexes of bis(alkylthio)methylidenemaolonate or maleonitriethiolate ligandss 박영준; 박정수; 김영미, et al
2000-06Intercalation of copper(Ⅱ) nitrate within the layers constructed by zwitterionic (2,2-dimethyl-1,3-propanediamine)PtⅡ (nicotinate)₂송릿다; 김관묵; 손연수
1996-01Intramolecular sulfur-oxygen interaction. Structure of dimethyl 1,3-dithiolan-2-ylidenemalonate.김관묵; 이영아; 정옥상, et al
1997-01Linkage isomerism of (diamine)platinum(II) complexes of sulfur-containing ylidenemalonate ligands김관묵; 전무진; 손연수
2000-10Lipophilicity vs. antitumor activity of carboxylatoplatinum(Ⅳ) complexes송릿다; 김관묵; 손연수
2003-02New heterometallic coordination polymers self-assembled from copper(II) nitrate and (diamine)PtII(pyridinecarboxylates) ₂ .송릿다; 김관묵; 손연수
1998-02Novel double-stranded chains vs two-layer interwoven sheets. Subtle coligand effects and related properties for [Co(Py//2S)//2X//2]//n (Py//2S = 4,4'-dipyridyl sulfide정옥상; 박성호; 김동찬, et al
2004-09Novel platinum complexes having chirality and free tertiary amine groups for multiple interactions with DNA서미숙; 손연수; 양범석, et al
1998-01Perpendicular interpenetration of independent square grid sheets. Synthesis and structural properties of [Co(NCS)//2(Py//2L)//2]//n (Py//2L=trans-1,2-bis(4-pyridyl)ethylene, 1,2-bis(4-pyridyl)ethane)박성호; 김관묵; 이상기, et al
1997-01Potential precursor for heteropolynuclear metal complexes, synthesis and crystal structure of cis-Co(NCS)//2(bpym)//2 (bpym=2,2'-bipyrimidine)정옥상; 박성호; 김관묵, et al
1998-01Reaction of tetrahydroxo(2,2-dimethylpropanediamine)-platinum(IV) with trimethylsilylchoride. Pentacoordinative Si … OH interaction labelizing Pt(IV)-OH bond김관묵; 손연수
1998-11Solvent-dependent structures of Co(NO3)2 with 1,2-bis(4-pyridyl)ethylene. Interconversion of molecular ladders versus mononuclear complexes정옥상; 박성호; 김관묵, et al
1998-11Structural properties of silver(I) and mercury(II) complexes of D-lactobionate: self-assembled coordination polymers.김관묵; 송수창; 이상범, et al
1996-01Structure of unique N,N-dimethylformamide solvate of cobalt(II) chloride.정옥상; 이영아; 김관묵, et al
1996-01Subtle ring size effects on bonding mode. structures and properties of platinum(II) complexes involving sulfur-containing dicarboxylate ligands S-(CH//2)//n-S-C=C(COO**-)//2 (n=2,3,4).손연수; 김관묵; 강성주, et al