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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-041H, 13C and 15N resonance assignment of WHEP domains of human glutamyl-prolyl tRNA synthetase신진호; Geum-Sook Hwang; Hee-Chul Ahn, et al
1999-01A mammalian death effector domain triggers bacterial cell death.이상원; 고영규; 김기선, et al
1998-05A multifunctional repeated motif is present in human bifunctional tRNA synthetase노승배; 이종상; 정의준, et al
2015-08A physical association between the human mutY homolog (hMYH) and DNA topoisomerase II-binding protein 1 (hTopBP1) regulates Chk1-induced cell cycle arrest in HEK293 cells한세희; Soo-Hyun Hahm; An Hue Vy Tran, et al
2009-06A proteomics approach to identify the proteins involved in FADD-DED mediated cell death in Escherichia coli소레누르; 이진희; 이성기, et al
2000-01A thioredoxin from the hyperthermophilic archaeon methanococcus jannaschii has a glutaredoxin-like fold but thioredoxin-like activities이덕연; 안병윤; 김기선
2007-11AK2 activates a novel apoptotic pathway through formation of a complex with FADD and caspase-10Ho-June Lee; Jong-Ok Pyo; Yumin Oh, et al
1987-01Ambient-air in-bin drying of paddy with the modified flat-type store for small scale Korean farmer김기선; 신명곤; 김동철, et al
1989-01An ambient-air in-storage paddy drying system for Korean farms김기선; M.G. Shin; B.C. Kim, et al
2021-02Analgesic Efficacy of a2 Adrenergic Receptor Agonists Depends on the Chronic State of Neuropathic Pain: Role of Regulator of G Protein Signaling 4김기선; 우지완; Seo-Yeon Yoon, et al
1999-01Backbone dynamics of human CC chemokine eotaxin: Fast motions, slow motions and implications for receptor bindingMattew P. Crump; Leo Spyracopoulos; Pierre Lavigne, et al
2020-10Bicine promotes rapid formation of β-sheetrich amyloid-β fibrils김기선; Hye Yun Kim; HeeYang Lee, et al
2000-08Biochemical and thermodynamic studies of A thioredoxin frome the hyperthermophilic archaeon Methanococcus Jannaschii이덕연; 안병윤; 김기선
2010-06Characterization of Helicobacter pylori adhesin thiol peroxidase (HP0390) purified from Escherichia coli뉴엔티민후옌; 남광호; 살림야사르, et al
1996-01Chemokines의 구조와 기능, 그리고 HIV 의 감염억제김기선
1993-04Crevice-forming mutants in the rigid core of bovine pancreatic trypsin inhibitor : crystal structures of F22A, Y23A, N43G, and F45AAvis T. Danishefsky; Dominique Housset; 김기선, et al
1993-04Crevice-forming mutants of bovine pancreatic trypsin inhibitor : stability changes and new hydrophobic surface김기선; Feng Tao; James Fuchs, et al
1991-01Crystal structure of a Y35G mutant of bovine pancreatic trypsin inhibitorDominique Housset; 김기선; James Fuchs, et al
2005-10Death Domain of Fas and FADD form hetero-oligomeric complex: significance of hetero-oligomeric interaction in death signaling이영태; 이진희; 홍종희, et al
2000-03Death effector domain of a mammalian apoptosis mediator, FADD, induces bacterial cell death이상원; 고용규; 방숙희, et al
2004-06Decreased entropy of unfolding increases the temperature of maximum stability : thermodynamic stability of a thioredoxin from the hyperthermophilic archaeon Methanococcus jannaschii이덕연; 김경애; 김기선
2005-05Dephosphorylation of FADD by phosphatase activity of AK2 recruits caspase-10 for mitochondrial apoptosis이호준; 조동형; 전영준, et al
2015-08Design, synthesis, in-vitro antiproliferative activity and kinase profile of new picolinamide based 2-amido and ureido quinoline derivatives아쉬라프 카림; 서선희; 조남철, et al
2003-04Endonuclease IV enhances base excision repair of endonuclease III from methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum.백정호; 정지형; 박영인, et al
2004-02Eotaxin and monocyte chemotatic protein-3 use different mode of action정일엽; 김용현; 최문경, et al
2002-11Eotaxin induces migration of RBL-2H3 mast cells via a Rac-ERK-dependent pathway우창훈; 정동탁; 윤석범, et al
1998-10Eukaryotic apoptotic molecule probes similar pathway in prokaryotic system이상원; 김기선; 김성훈
2000-11Fas- and tumor necrosis factor-mediated apoptosis uses the same binding surface of FADD to trigger signal transductionSookHee Bang; Eui-Jun Jeong; In-Ki Kim, et al
2013-07FcγRIIb mediates amyloid-β neurotoxicity and memory impairment in Alzheimer's disease감태인; 송성민; 권영대, et al
2009-10Functional and structural characterizations of Helicobacter pylori adhesin thiol peroxidase뉴엔티민후옌; 김기선