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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995-01Ag-Pd-In 삼원계합금의 시효처리에 따른 기계적 성질변화와 미세상의 석출거동김명호; 정호년; 도정만, et al
1999-01Control characteristics of a thermal chamber used to evaluate thermal response in summer.김명호; 배귀남; 김영일, et al
1999-01Control of phase separation behavior of PC/PMMA blends and their application to the gas separation membranes김명호; 김주헌; 김창근, et al
1999-01Cooling performance measurement of a thermoelectric module.김명호; 김영일; 백영진, et al
2006-03Effect of Tin on the Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Au-Pt-Cu Alloy김명호; 이상혁; 임호남, et al
2000-12Effects fo MnO₂ and Fe₂O₃ additives on the piezoelectric properties of 0.05PMN-0.451PT-0.499PZ ceramics송은석; 남산; 윤석진, et al
1999-01Experimental analysis of thermal comfort of an office space for different supply locations during cooling.김명호; 김요셉; 김영일
2000-06Experimental analysis of thermal comfort of an office space for different supply locations during heating김명호; 김영일; 배귀남
2004-12Heat Transfer in the Vertical Type Fluidized Bed Heat Exchanger with Corrugated Tubes안수환; 배성택; 김명호, et al
1999-09Measurements of ventilation effectiveness in an underfloor air-conditioned space using a tracer gas technique한화택; 서세영; 김명호, et al
1998-05Modification of polyimide membrane surface for gas separation by ion beam원종옥; 김명호; 강용수, et al
1997-11Phase behavior and gas permeability of PC/PMMA blends김명호; 김창근; 강용수, et al
1996-10Phase behavior of PC/PMMA blends and their gas transport properties김명호; 김창근; 강용수, et al
1999-01Preliminary energy diagnosis of a clean building.김영일; 신영기; 배귀남, et al
1989-01Structure and Properties of Rapidly-Solidified Al-Pb Monotectic Alloys - 1. Characteristics of Rapidly-Solidified Microstructure김명호; 배차권; 이호인
2000-03Surface modification of polyimide and polysulfone membranes by ion beam for gas separation원종옥; 김명호; 강용수, et al
2005-01The Effect of Frequency of Electromagnetic Vibration on the Primary Silicon Size in Hypereutectic Al-Si Alloy윤의박; 최정평; 박준표, et al
1999-01Thermal response of college-age Korean in summer배귀남; 김명호; 김영일, et al
2006-01Thermal response of college-age Korean in summer배귀남; 김명호; 김영일
2007-03Thermal Response of College-age Korean in Winter Season배귀남; 김명호; 김영일
2003-12Thermal response of Korean college students in a thermal environment chamber배귀남; 김명호; Y. Kim
2000-06Thermal response of korean college students in winter배귀남; 김명호; 김영일, et al
1998-01Ventilation effectiveness measurements utilizing a tracer gas in an underfloor air-conditioning space한화택; 서세영; 김명호, et al
1997-01Ventilation effectiveness measurements utilizing tracer gas in a thermal environmental chamber김영일; 서세영; 김명호, et al