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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1990-11A material transfer system using a wireless automatic guided vehicle with manipulators in manufacturing environments.김용일
1991-01A model-based optimal planning and execution system with active sensing and passive manipulation for augmentation of human precision in computer-integrated surgery.김용일; Russell H. Taylor; Court B. Cutting, et al
1992-01A passive/active manipulation system for surgical augmentation.김용일; Russell H. Taylor; Janez Funda, et al
1998-11A study on analysis of kinesthetic sense using neural network신동윤; 정웅철; 송재복, et al
1999-05A study on compensation for individual difference of kinesthetic sense using neural network정웅철; 송재복; 김용일
1993-07A study on FMS landmark recognition using color images.김용일; 이창현; 권호열, et al
1998-04A study on quantification of kinesthetic sence using human sensibility ergonomics approach신동윤; 이세한; 송재복, et al
1993-01Analysis of the dynamical mapping of joint torques and joint-velocities to end-effector acceleration for planar manipulators.김용일
1992-01Augmentation of human precision in computer-integrated surgery.김용일; Russell H. Taylor; Howard A. Paul, et al
1998-01Bilateral control of arm motion generator based on linear motor in virtual environment신동윤; 정웅철; 송재복, et al
1993-07Design and implementation of an autonomous mobile robot for material transfer in manufacturing plants.김용일; 한석균; 강무진
1991-01Design of a SCARA-type manipulator from a dynamic veiwpoint.김용일
1992-05Development of a loading manipulator for CNC lathes.김용일; 고경철; 권영두, et al
1998-07Development of motion generator based on implementation of active impedance이세한; 송재복; 김용일
1998-11Development of selection method of kinesthetic words using human sensability ergonomic statistics정웅철; 신동윤; 송재복, et al
2009-09Fabrication of Graphene Nanoribbons이재갑; 이소형; 김용일, et al
1997-11Implementation of active impedance based on linear motors이세한; 송재복; 김용일
1999-08Implementation of high speed, precise position control algorithm for linear machine drive system이유인; 김준석; 김용일
2000-09Sequential changes of proliferative fraction of enzyme altered foci in experimental rat hepatocarcinogenesis김우호; 유은실; 김용일, et al
2013-04Structure of multi-wall carbon nanotubes: AA' graphene helices이재갑; 이소형; 김용일, et al
2014-08Structure of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes: A Graphene Helix이재갑; 이소형; 김진규, et al
1997-11Study on synthesis rule of kinesthetic word using fuzzy theory신동윤; 이세한; 송재복, et al
1994-11The absolute position recognition using the map in space for navigation of a mobile robot.정준영; 김용일; 김지현, et al
1993-12The definition, determination, and characterization of acceleration sets for spatial manipulators.김용일; Y. Desa
1999-01The optimum geometric design of stators for a brushless DC linear motor최문석; 김용일; 이상락
2014-07The seeded growth of graphene이재갑; 이소형; 김용일, et al
2014-03Tyrosine-mediated two-dimensional peptide assembly and its role as a bio-inspired catalytic scaffold장형석; 이정호; 박용선, et al
1994-10Virtual reality infrastructure and its application to telerobotics.김용일; 고희동; 채병홍
1991-02가속도 집합이론과 매니퓰레이터 설계에의 응용 .김용일
1991-03동력학적 관점에서의 스카라형태 로보트의 설계 .김용일