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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-12Dispersion behavior and characterization of MnFe2O4 nanoparticles in aqueous system배동식; 김은정; 한경섭
2009-04Dispersion Characteristics of Highly Compressed Hydrogen Jet한상헌; 김종수; 최인환, et al
2005-02Dispersion of SmxCe1-xO2-2/x nanoparticles which is synthesized by hydrothermal process in aqueous system배동식; 김은정; 한경섭
2014-09Effect of alumina nanofiller on the viscosity and electrical conductivity of glass-based seals for solid oxide fuel cells이동복; 박성민; 조성미, et al
2004-03Effect of SiO2 on the phase stability and photoluminescence characteristic of Pt/TiO2-SiO2 system김은정; 배동식; 최헌진, et al
2015-04Extractive and oxidative removal of copper bound to humic acid in soil황보람; 김은정; 양중석, et al
2003-08Fabrication and microstructure of Pt/SiO₂ composite membranes by a reverse micelle and sol-gel배동식; 김은정; 김상우, et al
2006-08Fabrication and microstructure of the SrTiO3 composite membranes by sol-gel process배동식; 김은정; 박상환, et al
2004-03Fabrication of asymmetric nano membrane with Pt/SiO2 nano composite김은정; 배동식; 한경섭, et al
2020-06Haploinsufficiency of Cyfip2 Causes Lithium-Responsive Prefrontal Dysfunction최지현; 김정진; 이승현, et al
2005-08Identification of New Quinic Acid Derivatives from Gardeniae Fructus and their Antioxidant Activities김형자; 김은정; 서선희, et al
2008-12LC-MS/MS method for determination of hederacolchiside E, a neuroactive saponin from Pulsatilla koreana extract in rat plasma for pharmacokinetic study유혜현; 이상규; 임선영, et al
2009-07Negligible Effect of Ginkgo Biloba Extract on the Pharmacokinetics of Cilostazol정혜진; 김남선; 김은정, et al
2009-05Negligible effect of Ginkgo biloba extract on the pharmacokinetics of cilostazol정혜진; 김남선; 김은정, et al
2006-01Pharmacokinetics of 7-carboxymethyloxy-3',4',5-trimethoxy flavone (DA-6034), a derivative of flavonoid, in mouse and rat models of chemically-induced inflammatory bowel disease김은정; 정미영; 정혜진, et al
2012-02Radiosynthesis and Biodistribution of an 125I-labeled Resveratrol Derivative김성규; 이웅산; 한상진, et al
2011-02Radiosynthesis and in vitro evaluation of 1-(tetrahydro-5-hydroxy-6-(hydroxymethyl)-2H-pyran-3-yl)-5-[125I]iodouracil: A new potential agent for HSV1-tk reporter gene monitoring조남현; 김정영; 엘가말, et al
2003-08Synthesis and characterization of nanosized 3Y₂O₃-ZrO₂ powders by chemical processing한경섭; 김은정; 박상환, et al
2003-03Synthesis and characterization of nanosized SrFe2O4 particles by a glycothermal process배동식; 김은정; 이해원, et al
2005-04Synthesis and characterization of nanosized ZnxMn1-xFe2O3 powders by glycothermal process배동식; 김은정; 박상환, et al
2005-08Synthesis and characterization of silver nanoparticles by a reverse micelle process배동식; 김은정; 방재희, et al
2002-11Synthesis and characterization of the CoFe ₂ O ₄ composite membranes by the sol-gel process배동식; 김은정; 한경섭
2003-05Synthesis and microstructure of 1.6Nb2O5-3Y2O3-ZrO2 nanosized powders produced by a hydrothermal process배동식; 김은정; 김대준, et al
2003-08Synthesis and microstructure of Ru/SiO ₂ nanosized particles by a reverse micelle and sol-gel processing.한경섭; 김은정; 배동식
2004-03Synthesis of Ir Doped SiO2 nanosized powders by a reverse micelle and sol-gel processing배동식; 김은정; 박상환, et al
2002-11Synthesis of nanosized Sm₂O₃-CeO₂ powders by hydrothermal process김은정; 배동식; 한경섭
2004-10Synthesis of samaria doped CeO2 nanosize powders by a hydrothermal process배동식; 김은정; 박상환, et al
2009-03The Effects of Wearing Protective Devices among Residents and Volunteers Participating in the Cleanup of the Hebei Spirit Oil Spill이승민; 하미나; 김은정, et al
2012-07Urinary metabolites before and after cleanup and subjective symptoms in volunteer participants in cleanup of the Hebei Spirit oil spill하미나; 권호장; 정해관, et al
2003-12-24고효율 광 촉매 복합 나노 분말과 그의 제조 방법김은정; 최헌진; 한경섭