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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-123D Edutainment Environment: Learning Physics through VR/AR Experiences실비아; 홍승표; 김진욱, et al
2021-013D Pots Configuration System by Optimizing over Geometric Constraints김진욱; 홍제형; 아샤드 무함마드 지샨, et al
2017-08A Foot-Arch Parameter Measurement System Using a RGB-D Camera김진욱; 문경률; 전성국, et al
2017-08A foot-arch parameter measurement system using a RGB-D camera김진욱; 문경률; 전성국, et al
2009-11A GPU based Rendering Method for Multiple-view Autostereoscopic Display안종길; 김진욱
2018-09A learning-based gait estimation during walking-in-place in VR locomotion system김진욱; 문경률; 정환수, et al
2018-09A machine-learning-based gait estimation from the foot arch parameters measured by a foot scanning system김진욱; 문경률; 정환수, et al
2004-03A modular object-oriented framework for hierarchical multi-resolution robot simulation여상훈; 김진욱; 이성희, et al
2014-09A sensor-aided self coaching model for uncocking improvement in golf swing전성국; 강동훈; 최형래, et al
2021-11A Study on the Contribution of Medial and Lateral Longitudinal Foot Arch to Human Gait김진욱; 문경률; 정다운, et al
2017-06A Study on the Correlation between the Foot Features and Gait Characteristics during Over-ground Walking김진욱; 문경률; 최선종, et al
2009-07Acquiring a Physical World and Serving Its Mirror World Simultaneously홍승표; 안종길; 고희동, et al
2017-04Affine registration of three-dimensional point sets for improving the accuracy of eye position trackers강동훈; 김성규; 김진욱
2003-08Assessment of various door grips of virtual refrigerator in a CAVE박재희; 이인석; 김진욱, et al
2011-05Bidirectional Interplay between Tracking and the Rider Simulator and Its Application to Snowboarding박안진; 최형래; 정유진, et al
2009-11Bilateral Filtered Shadow Maps김진욱; 김수재
2016-10Calibrating 3D Point Cloud captured through Bent Refractive Medium김진욱; 전성국; 홍승표
2021-04Classifying the risk of cognitive impairment using sequential gait characteristics and long short-term memory networks김진욱; 문경률; 정다운, et al
2011-09Controllable Simulation of Particle System러스디; 김진욱
2017-07Data-Driven Physics for Human Soft Tissue Animation김진욱; MEEKYOUNG KIM; GERARD PONS-MOLL, et al
2003-08Decription and response generation of cyberspace.고희동; 김진욱; 안희갑
2019-07Deep neural network-based gait classification using wearable inertial sensor data김진욱; 문경률; 정다운, et al
2001-08Design and analysis of a redundantly actuated parallel mechanism for rapid machining김종원; 박종우; 류선중, et al
2007-10Development of immersive Augmented Reality Interface for Construction Robotic System문진기; 손영완; 박신석, et al
2019-04Development of Solid Lubricants for Oil-less Bush공호성; 한흥구; 김진욱, et al
2015-10Developmental and degenerative modulation of GABAergictransmission in the mouse hippocampus김진욱; 손영훈; 김주환, et al
2001-10Direct kinematic analysis of 3-RS parallel mechanisms.김진욱; 박종우
2004-11Dynamic Shared State Management For Distributed Interactive Virtual Environment박연동; 김진욱; 고희동, et al
2005-07Dynamic Shared States Management for Distributed Interactive Virtual Environment박연동; 김진욱; 강슬기, et al
2004-03Evaluation of control feel in opening and closing the doors of a virtual refrigerator in the CAVE system with an Arm-Master박재희; 이인석; 김진욱, et al