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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-03A preparative isolation and purification of arctigenin and matairesinol from Forsythia koreana by centrifugal partition chromatography김철영; 안미정; 김진웅
2008-10A Study on the Trend of Mobile 3D Service이봉호; 윤국진; 박민철, et al
2009-05a- and g-Mangostin Inhibits the Proliferation of Colon Cancer Cells via b-catenin Gene Regulation in Wnt Signaling유지혜; 진영원; 강경수, et al
2003-02CO2 decomposition with waste ferrite신현창; 김진웅; 최정철, et al
2011-10Color of TiN and ZrN from First-principles Calculations김진웅; 지승훈; 이광렬
2007-11Inhibitors of bone resorption from Halenia corniculataZhang Jin; 안미정; 김철영, et al
2006-08Inhibitory Activity on HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase and Integrase of a Carmalol Derivative from a Brown Alga, Ishige okamurae안미정; 윤기동; 김철영, et al
2014-05Interactive Holographic Display손정영; 이범렬; 김진웅, et al
2015-09Mesoporous pores impregnated with Au nanoparticles as effective dielectrics for enhancing triboelectric nanogenerator performance in harsh environments천진성; 김진웅; 정우석, et al
2007-11One step purification of flavanone glycosides from Poncirus trifoliata by centrifugal partition chromatography김철영; 이희주; 이미경, et al
2007-02Preparative isolation and purification of geniposide from gardenia fruits by centrifugal partition chromatography김철영; 김진웅
2007-08Preparative isolation and purification of sinomenine form Sinomenium acutum by centrifugal partition chromatography정종혜; 김철영; 김진웅
2007-11Preparative isolation of bioactive compounds using centrifugal partition chromatography정종혜; 김철영; 안미정, et al
2007-11Preparative isolation of bioactive compounds with stimulating activity on osteoblast differentiation from Caesalpinia sappan by CPC류민열; 김철영; 이미경, et al
2006-03Preparative Isolation of Mangiferin from Anemarrhena asphodeloides Rhixomes by centrifugal partition chromatography김철영; 안미정; 김진웅
2006-11Preparative purification of natural products using centrifugal partition chromatography정종혜; 김철영; 안미정, et al
2007-09Pressurized liquid extraction of tectoridin and tectorigenin in Belamcanda chinensis and pressurized water extraction of phyllodulcin in Hydrangea macrophylla이희주; 엄병헌; 윤기동, et al
2015Self-Powered, Room Temperature Electronic Nose Based on Triboelectrifi cation and Heterogeneous Catalytic Reaction김지현; 전진성; 김진웅, et al
2006-04Solid-phase Synthesis and Preliminary Evaluation of 1,6,8-trisubstituted tetrahydro-2H-pyrazino[1,2-a]pyrimidine-4,7-diones as a NF-kB Inhibitor김진웅; 조정혁; 한태희, et al
2006-12Solution-phase synthesis and preliminary evaluation of 1,6,8-trisubstituted tetrahydro-2H-pyrazino[1,2-α] pyrimidin-4,7-dione derivatives as a NF-kB inhibitor김진웅; 이수철; 박형범, et al
2006-02Steroidal Saponins from the Rhizomes of Polygonatum sibiricum안미정; 김철영; 윤기동, et al
2006-08Synthesis and Antibacterial Activity of 1β-Methyl-2-[5-(α,β-disubstituted ethyl)pyrrolidin-3-ylthio]carbapenem Derivatives. Part II김진웅; 박형범; 정봉영, et al
2006-10Synthesis and in vitro activity of a series 1β-methylcarbapenem derivatives전희철; 김진웅; 홍준희, et al
2004-03Thermal behaviors of [Cu0.5Mn0.5]Fe2O4 for H2 production by thermochemical cycles김진웅; 최승철; 주오심, et al
2011-11α- and γ-Mangostin inhibit the proliferation of colon cancer cells via β-catenin gene regulation in Wnt/cGMP signalling유지혜; 강경수; 조은혜, et al
2010-01α- and γ-Mangostin Inhibit Wnt Signaling through Transcriptional Regulation of β-catenin유지혜; 진용원; 김진웅, et al
2008-06-02왜곡 없는 3차원 영상을 표시하기 위한 장치 및 방법김동욱; 김성규; 김진웅, et al