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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-02A first-principles study of ultrathin nanofilms of MgO-supported TiNRen-Qin Zhang; 김창은; Bernard Delley, et al
1994-01A study on the preparation and characterization of TiO//2-SiO//2 aerogels by supercritical drying.김창은; 이종혁; 김구대, et al
1990-01A Study on the SiO₂ Sensing Layer Used in ISFET최두진; 임공진; 정형진, et al
1990-01Characteristics of Alumina Film Prepared by MOCVD최두진; 임공진; 정형진, et al
2001-06Characterization of LSM-YSZ composite electrode by ac impedance spectroscopy김재동; 김구대; 문지웅, et al
1996-06Chemical analysis of sol-gel derived PbTiO3 thin film김승현; 김창은; 심인보, et al
1999-01Complex modulus of alumina green tapes measured by micro fourier rheometer이정훈; 이명현; 김창은, et al
2015-01Effect of gold subsurface layer on the surface activity and segregation in Pt/Au/Pt3M (where M = 3d transition metals) alloy catalyst from first-principles김창은; Dong-Hee Lim; 장종현, et al
1998-01Effect of organic additive composition on glass transition temperatures and storage moduli of Al2O3 green tapes이명현; 이정훈; 김창은, et al
1996-07Effects of catalysts on properties of sol-gel derived PbTiO3 thin film김승현; 김창은; 정형진, et al
1996-01Effects of initial sol parameters on optical transparency of TiO//2-SiO//2 bainary aerogels in TMOS-based system.이종혁; 최수영; 김창은, et al
1999-02Fabrication and characterization of ferroelectric Pb(ZrxTi1-x)O3 thin films by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition송한상; 김태송; 김창은, et al
1998-01Ferroelectric PZT thin films with PbTiO3 and Al2O3 buffer layers by sol-gel spin coating method오영제; 김승현; 정형진, et al
1980-01High Temperature Vaporization of 8CaO·6Al2O3·2CrO3이홍림; 김창은; 김대준
1998-09Impedance properties of LSMC-YSZ composite cathode김재동; 김구대; 문지웅, et al
1997-01Influence of Al2O3 buffer layers on the crystalline structure and dielectric property of PbTiO3 thin film by sol-gel processing오영제; 김승현; 김창은
1997-01Influence of Al2O3 diffusion barrier and PbTiO3 seed layer on microstructural and ferroelectric characteristics of PZT thin films by sol-gel spin coating method오영제; 김승현; 김창은
1998-09Interface reaction between LSMC and YSZ and impedance properties김재동; 김구대; 문지웅, et al
1999-01Mechanical properties of alumina-glass dental composites prepared from aqueous-based tape casting이명현; 김대준; 이득용, et al
1999-11Mechanical properties of tape-cast alumina-glass dental composites김대준; 이명현; 김창은
1992-01MOCVD PbTiO//3 박막의 특성에 관한 연구 .정형진; 송한상; 최두진, et al
1995-01Optical transparency and microstructure of TiO//2-SiO//2 binary aerogels.이종혁; 최수영; 김창은, et al
2006-12Photoluminescence of ZnO nanowires grown on sapphire (1120) substrates전경아; 손효정; 김창은, et al
1995-05Preparation and properties of Ru based thick film resistors.김구대; 김창은; 강현규, et al
1995-01Preparation and properties of Ru based thick film resistors.김구대; 강현규; 김창은
1997-01Preparation of (La,Sr)MnO//3 powders by the modified-glycine nitrate process김구대; 이해원; 김재동, et al
1997-01Preparation of (La,Sr)MnO3 powder by glycine-nitrate process using oxide as starting materials김재동; 문지웅; 김구대, et al
1991-09Preparation of Alumina by the Sol-Gel Process (II) Characteristics of Powders Obtained by Polymeric Alumina Sol이해욱; 김창은; 김구대, et al
1991-01Preparation of Alumina by the Sol-Gel Process(I) : Characteristics of Polymeric Alumina Sol이해욱; 김구대; 정형진, et al
1997-06Preparation of Pb(Zr0.52<>Ti0.48)O3<> thin films on PtRuO2<> double electrode by a new sol-gel route오영제; 김승현; 최용수, et al