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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-04Catalytic Upgrading of Xylan Over Mesoporous Y Catalyst김성수; 전보람; 박성훈, et al
2007-12[CoFe/Pt] 다층박막의 자발 홀 효과이하나; 김태완; 엄종화, et al
1997-04Computer analysis of heteroface AlGaAs/GaAs solar cell이대욱; 김성일; 김효진, et al
2010-11Effect of Al and Cr on Oxidation of Fe-Al and Fe-Cr Alloys김태완; 조승훈; 고인용, et al
2003-05Effects of thermal annealing on the interband transitions of single and vertically stacked InAs/GaAs self-assembled quantum dots이창윤; 송진동; 이용탁, et al
2003-02Efficient organic light-emitting diodes using hole-injection buffer layer정동회; 김상걸; 이준용, et al
1997-10Electrical and optical properties of quantum wire laserJ. C. Jang; 김성일; 황승민, et al
2011-10Enhancement of electrical properties in Al-doped ZnO films by turning dc bias voltage during radio frequency magnetron sputtering노영수; 박동희; 김태완, et al
2010-09Fabrication of multilayered Co/Pd nano-dot array with an areal density of 1 tera-dot/in2위정섭; 임기필; 김태완, et al
2006-08Fabrication of Nanoabrasive Grinding Wheels and Their Application to Grinding Silicon Wafers김태완; 현상훈; 김주선, et al
2021-06Fluorescence Switchable Block Copolymer Particles with Doubly Alternate-Layered Nanoparticle Arrays장세규; 김태완; 수맹, et al
1997-04Ionization energy of Ge in AlGaAs김효진; 김성일; 최원철, et al
2019-07Long-range chiral exchange interaction in synthetic antiferromagnets김경환; 한동수; 이규준, et al
2020-06Mechanical Properties and Fabrication of Porous Fe-Cu-C Alloy by Pulsed Current Activated Sintering이병현; 박나라; 김기열, et al
2011-03Mechanical synthesis and rapid consolidation of a nanocrystalline 5.33Fe0.37Cr0.16Al0.4Si0.07-Al2O3 composite by high-frequency induction heating손인진; 두송리; 고인용, et al
2013-07Modulation of Lipid Kinase PI4KIIa Activity and Lipid Raft Association of Presenilin 1 Underlies g-Secretase Inhibition by Ginsenoside (20S)Rg3강민석; 백승훈; 천윤선, et al
2015-01O-GlcNAcylation Promotes Non-Amyloidogenic Processing of Amyloid-β Protein Precursor via Inhibition of Endocytosis from the Plasma Membrane천윤선; 오현근; 김태완, et al
2010-07Properties and rapid consolidation of nanostructured Fe3Al compound by high frequency induction heating손인진; 김태완; 도정만, et al
2011-01Pulsed current activated consolidation of nanostructured Fe3Al and its mechanical property김태완; 고인용; 도정만, et al
1997-10Simulations of epitaxial growth on patterned GaAs substrates김효진; 김성일; 손창식, et al
2003-05Temperature dependent electrical properties in ITO/TPD/ALq ₃ /Al organic light-emitting diodes.김상걸; 정동희; 이호식, et al
1997-10Theoretical analysis of AlGaAs/GaAs heteroface solar cells이대욱; 김성일; 김효진, et al
2004-02-04습식 기계화학적 방법에 의한 분말의 실리카 코팅법김주선; 김태완; 송휴섭, et al