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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-123-D Solenoid Inductor Analysis in a 0.13 μm Digital CMOS Technology남철; 이병렬; 김현철, et al
2019-03A Bioinspired Sca?old with Anti-Inflammatory Magnesium Hydroxide and Decellularized Extracellular Matrix for Renal Tissue Regeneration정윤기; 박우람; 박기완, et al
2006-09A highly efficient 3D micromixer using soft PDMS bonding차정훈; 김진석; 류석규, et al
2017-07A patinib-loaded nanoparticles suppress vascular endothelial growth factor-induced angiogenesis and experimental corneal neovascularization김선화; 이정은; 김공리, et al
2005-04A Reversible Thermo-Sensitive Hydrogel Clamper of Locomotive Mechanism in Gastrointestinal Tract김진석; 김병규; 김수현, et al
1995-01A study on the lime stabilization of livestock waste.김현철; 최용수
2004-10A Thermo-Sensitive Hydrogel Actuator in Dry Environment김진석; 김수현; 정용원, et al
2005-10Analysis of fluidic bead cube embedded portable CMOS sensing system for immuno reaction monitoring정용원; 최기환; 박세완, et al
2016-06Anti-VEGF PolysiRNA Polyplex for the Treatment of Choroidal Neovascularization김광명; 이지황; 류나경, et al
2006-01Application of improved rapid mixing for enhanced removal of dissolved organic matter and DBPFP(disinfection by-product formation potential) control김현철; 이석헌; 변석종, et al
2006-02Application of O3/GAC process for advanced and selective removal of natural organic matter from conventionally treated water김현철; 유명진; 구자용, et al
2005-07Application of O3/GAC process for advanced and selective removal of natural organic matter from conventionally treated water김현철; 유명진; J. Y. Koo, et al
2005-06Application of the improved rapid mixing for enhanced removal of dissolved organic matter and the DBPFPs control김현철; 이석헌; 변석종, et al
2020-11Artificial Intelligence in Health Care: Current Applications and Issues김영준; 박찬우; 서성욱, et al
2016-07Biomimetic Porous PLGA Scaffolds Incorporating Decellularized Extracellular Matrix for Kidney Tissue Regeneration한동근; 정윤기; 이유진, et al
2013-04Cantilever Arrayed Blood Pressure Sensor for Arterial Applanation Tonometry이병렬; 정진우; 조찬섭, et al
2007-06Cardiomyocytes self-powered polymer microrobot김진석; 양성욱; 백정은, et al
2007-05Characterization of aquatic humic substances to DBPs formation in advanced treatment processes for conventionally treated water김현철; Myong-Jin Yu
2017-10Characterization of organic precursors in DBP formation and AOC in urban surface water and their fate during managed aquifer recharge이승학; 김현철; 이원모, et al
2019-09Comparison of pre-oxidation between O3 and O3/H2O2 for subsequent managed aquifer recharge using laboratory-scale columns이승학; 김현철; 박세희, et al
2020-10Deep Tumor Penetration of Doxorubicin-Loaded Glycol Chitosan Nanoparticles Using High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound김광명; 윤홍열; 최용환, et al
2014-07Effect of HIFU treatment on tumor targeting efficacy of docetaxel-loaded Pluronic nanoparticles오근상; 한현구; 윤병덕, et al
2017-11Effect of high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) in conjunction with a nanomedicines-microbubble complex for enhanced drug delivery김광명; 한현구; 이호현, et al
2017-10Electrical and Optical Investigation of the Growth Behavior of Au Nanoparticles Fabricated on Various Matrix Materials by the Alternating Sputtering Method이경석; 김범준; 김현철, et al
2017-10Extracellular matrix remodeling in vivo for enhancing tumor-targeting efficiency of nanoparticle drug carriers using the pulsed high intensity focused ultrasound권익찬; 김광명; 이경은, et al
2006-07Fabrication of 3D thin PDMS structures for hybrid biopolymer transducers김진석; 박정렬; 노덕문, et al
2006-06Fabrication of complex 3D micro-fluidic channel using soft PDMS bonding차정훈; 김진석; 박세완, et al
2005-10Fabrication of PDMS microlens LIF detection박세완; 정용원; 김진석, et al
2006-06Fabrication of poly(dimethylsiloxane) microlens for laser-induced fluorescence detection박세완; 정용원; 김진석, et al