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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-08Chemical Method for Improving Both the Electrical Conductivity and Mechanical Properties of Carbon Nanotube Yarn via Intramolecular Cross-Dehydrogenative Coupling최용문; 추헌고; 여현욱, et al
2006-04Comparison of sintering behavior and mechanical properties between WC-8C0 and WC-8Ni hard materials produced by high-frequency induction heating sintering김환철; 손인진; 윤진국, et al
2007-01Consolidation of ultra fine WC and WC-Co hard materials by pulsed current activated sintering and its mechanical properties김환철; 손인진; 윤진국, et al
2016-01Direct Observation of Morphological Evolution of a Catalyst during Carbon Nanotube Forest Growth: New Insights into Growth and Growth Termination정서정; 이재근; 김환철, et al
2013-02Efficient catalytic conversion of ammonia borane to borazine and its use for hexagonal boron nitride (white graphene)김성관; 조현진; 김명종, et al
2012-10Fabrication and Applications of Carbon Nanotube Fibers추헌고; 정연수; 정영진, et al
2006-06Fabrication of ultrafine binderless WC and WC-Ni hard materials by a pulsed current activated sintering method김환철; 손인진; 고인용, et al
2015-07Growth kinetics of white graphene (h-BN) on a planarised Ni foil surface조현진; 박성찬; 원동일, et al
2014-08Investigating Carbon Nanotube Growth for Superior Carbon Nanotube Yarns김승민; 정서정; 김환철, et al
2013-10Investigation of carbon nanotube growth termination mechanism by in-situ transmission electron microscopy approaches김승민; 정서정; 김환철
2014-05Investigation on Carbon Nanotube Growth for Synthesis of Multifunctional Carbon Nanotube Fiber정서정; 김환철; 김승민
2012-08LPCVD Synthesis of High Crystalline Hexagonal Boron Nitride Using Pure Borazine조현진; 김성관; 강상욱, et al
2007-01Mechanical properties and consolidation of WC-8wt.% Ni hard materials by HFIHS and PCAS정인균; 김환철; 도정만, et al
2006-09Mechanical Properties and Consolidation of WC-8wt.%Ni Hard Materials by HFIHS and PCAS정인균; 손인진; 윤진국, et al
2012-10Mechanical Properties of Cross-linked Continuous Carbon Nanotube(CNT) Fibers추헌고; 송준영; 정영진, et al
2013-05Mechanical Properties of Graphene Oxide Wrapped Carbon Nanotube Fibers추헌고; 박옥경; 정영진, et al
2014-05Multifunctional Polyimide/Graphene Oxide Composites Via In Situ Polymerization주가등; 임준; 이철호, et al
2006-05One step synthesis and densification of ultra-fine WC by high-frequency induction combustion김환철; 손인진; 윤진국, et al
2005-05One step synthesis of dense MoSi2-SiC composite by high-frequency induction heated combustion and its mechanical properties오동영; 김환철; 윤진국, et al
2007-04One-step synthesis and densification of nanostructured TiSi2-SiC composite from mechanically activated (TiC+3Si) powders by high-frequency-induced heated combustion손인진; 박현국; 김환철, et al
2012-10Parametric Study of Methanol Chemical Vapor Deposition Growth for Graphene조현진; 이창협; 오인섭, et al
2013-04Preparation and Characterization of Isotropic Pitch-Based Carbon Fiber주가등; 박상욱; 조한익, et al
2012-10Preparation and Characterization of the Isotropic Pitch-based Carbon Fiber주가등; 조한익; 김환철, et al
2015-10Preparation of PAN-based Carbon Fibers and Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes using a Taylor Flow Reactor채한석; 유성욱; 여현욱, et al
2013-10Production of High Modulus Pitch-based Carbon Nanotube(CNT) Fibers추헌고; 이재선; 정영진, et al
2007-01Rapid sintering of ultra fine WC and WC-Co hard materials by high-frequency induction heated sintering and their mechanical properties김환철; 손인진; 정인균, et al
2006-11Rapid sintering of ultrafine WC-Ni cermets김환철; 손인진; 윤진국, et al
2006-11Rapid sintering process and mechanical properties of binderless ultra fine tungsten carbide김환철; 윤진국; 도정만, et al
2008-04Simultaneous pulsed current activated combustion synthesis and densification of NbSi2-SiC composite손인진; 박현국; 김환철, et al
2005-01Simultaneous synthesis and consolidation process of ultra-fine WSi2-SiC and its mechanical properties오동영; 김환철; 윤진국, et al