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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-11Direct Applicability of La0.6Sr0.4CoO3-δ Thin Film Cathode to Yttria Stabilised Zirconia Electrolytes at T ≤ 650 °C노호성; 손지원; 이헌, et al
2012-10Electrical Characterization of Ultrathin Film Electrolytes for Micro-SOFCs신의철; 안평안; 조정모, et al
2008-07Fabrication and property optimization of thin film solid oxide fuel cell components by pulsed laser deposition노호성; 이헌; 손지원, et al
2015-07Fabrication of Large-area Multi-scale-architectured Thin-Film SOFC via Commercially Viable Thin-film Technology노호성; 홍종섭; 김형철, et al
2015-09Fabrication of NiO-Y:BaZrO3 Composite Anode for Thin Film-Protonic Ceramic Fuel Cells using Tape-Casting배기호; 노호성; Dong Young Jang, et al
2016-05High-performance thin-film protonic ceramic fuel cells fabricated on anode supports with a non-proton-conducting ceramic matrix김병국; 이종호; 김형철, et al
2011-01Limitation of Thickness Increment of Lanthanum Strontium Cobaltite Cathode Fabricated by Pulsed Laser Deposition노호성; 이헌; 지호일, et al
2011-02Low temperature fabrication of nano-structured porous LSM-YSZ composite cathode film by aerosol deposition최종진; 오성훈; 노호성, et al
2009-11Low Temperature Performance Improvement of SOFC with Thin Film Electrolyte and Electrodes Fabricated by Pulsed Laser Deposition노호성; 손지원; 이헌, et al
2010-01Low-Temperature Performance Improvement of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell by Employing Thin Film Electrolyte and Nano-Structured Electrodes Fabricated by Pulsed Laser Deposition손지원; 노호성; 김종철, et al
2011-09Microstructural factors of electrodes affecting the performance of anode-supported thin film yttria-stabilized zirconia electrolyte (~1 μm) solid oxide fuel cells노호성; 이헌; 김병국, et al
2013-05Optimization of current collection to reduce the lateral conduction loss of thin-film-processed cathodes노호성; 황재연; 윤경중, et al
2010-07Parameters Affecting Performance of Anode-Supported Thin Film Electrolyte (≤ < 1 ㎛) SOFC노호성; 이헌; 김병국, et al
2015-07Performance of Protonic Ceramic Fuel Cell with Thin Film Yttrium Doped Barium Zirconate Electrolyte배기호; D. Y. Jang; 노호성, et al
2009-11Physical and Microstructural Properties of NiO- and Ni-YSZ Composite Thin Films Fabricated by Pulsed-Laser Deposition at T≤700 ℃노호성; 박종성; 손지원, et al
2008-09Realization of miniaturized SOFC with thin film components by process hybridization손지원; 노호성; 김종철, et al
2015-04Sandwiched ultra-thin yttria-stabilized zirconia layer to effectively and reliably block reduction of thin-film gadolinia-doped ceria electrolyte노호성; 홍종섭; 김형철, et al
2016-04Scale-up of Thin-film Deposition-based Solid Oxide Fuel Cell by Sputtering, a Commercially Viable Thin-film Technology이해원; 김병국; 이종호, et al
2010-11Suppression of Ni Agglomeration in PLD Fabricated Ni-YSZ Composite for Surface Modification of SOFC Anode노호성; 손지원; 이헌, et al
2014-02The potential and challenges of thin-film electrolyte and nanostructured electrode for yttria-stabilized zirconia-base anode-supported solid oxide fuel cells노호성; 윤경중; 김병국, et al
2014-03Thermo-mechanical stability of multi-scale-architectured thin-film-based solid oxide fuel cells assessed by thermal cycling tests노호성; 윤경중; 김병국, et al
2010-01Thin Film (La0.7Sr0.3)0.95MnO3-δ Fabricated by Pulsed Laser Deposition and Its Application as a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Cathode for Low-Temperature Operat노호성; 손지원; 이헌, et al
2009-10Thin Film Electrolyte Micro-SOFC: Fabrication and Performance Improvement Through Thin Film Electrolyte and Nano-Structure Electrodes노호성; 이헌; 이종호, et al
2014-08Three-dimensional microstructure of high-performance pulsed-laser deposited Ni-YSZ SOFC anodesDavid Kennouche; 홍종섭; 노호성, et al
2011-02Transmission Electron Microscopy Study on Microstructure and Interfacial Property of Thin Film Electrolyte SOFC노호성; 박종성; 이헌, et al
2013-10Ultimate Performance of Anode-supported SOFC by Realizing Thin-film Electrolyte and Nano-structure Electrode노호성; 윤경중; 김병국, et al
2009-03-19박막 전해질을 형성하기 위한 기공 경사 구조를 갖는 고체 산화물 연료 전지 및 그 제조 방법김종철; 김형철; 김혜령, et al
2009-03-16박막 전해질을 형성하기 위한 기공 경사 구조를 갖는 연료극 지지형 고체 산화물 연료 전지 및 그 제조 방법김혜령; 노호성; 손지원, et al