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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-01A Direct Methanol Fuel Cell System to Power a Humanoid Robot조한익; 하태정; 황상엽, et al
1996-01A study on the film-formation mechanism by ionized cluster beam deposition.신치범; 이경호; 윤경석, et al
2008-12Development and characteristics of a 400 W-class direct methanol fuel cell stack조한익; 황상엽; 조재형, et al
2007-10Development and Characterization of a 400 W-class Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Stack조한익; 황상엽; 조재형, et al
2009-04Development of New Bipolar Design for Improvement of Fuel Cell Performance조한익; 황상엽; 김종호, et al
1996-01Effect of alkali metal ions on the intrazeolitic migration of Tb(III) ions in zeolite Y홍석봉; 신은우; 문상흡, et al
1999-06Effect of surface kinetics on the step coverage during chemical vapor deposition황경순; 문상흡; 남석우, et al
2010-03Improved performance of PtRu/C prepared by selective deposition of Ru on Pt as an anode for a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell김현태; 조한익; 문상흡
2011-06Preparation of a CO-tolerant PtRuxSny/C catalyst with an optimal Ru/Sn ratio by selective Sn-deposition on the Pt and Ru surfaces유종석; 김현태; 조한익, et al
2011-02Preparation of a CO-tolerant PtRuxSny/C electrocatalyst with an optimal Ru/Sn ratio by selective Sn-deposition on the surfaces of Pt and Ru유종석; 김현태; 조한익, et al
2010-01Preparation of Pt/C electrocatalysts using an incipient precipitation method조한익; 서상준; 김현태, et al
1989-08Properties of highly-loaded Ni/Al2O3 catalysts prepared by repeated metal impregnation.하흥용; 임태훈; 정종식, et al
2011-01Properties of Pt-based electrocatalysts containing selectively deposited Sn as the anode for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells김현태; 유종석; 조한익, et al
2009-11Pt-Catalyzed Self-Grown Branched Carbon Nanofibers and Its Applications to Electrode Materials조한익; 김수길; 조성무, et al
2011-11Synthesis of branched carbon nanotubes by carbonization of soild polyvinylidene fluoride fibers조한익; 하흥용; Joghee Prabhuram, et al
2013-08Theoretical Investigation of the Adsorption and C-C bond Scission of CCH3 on the (111) and (100) Surfaces of Pd: Comparison with Pt김석기; 신정호; 문상흡, et al
1990-01TPSR(temperature-programmed surface reaction)study of sulfur-poisoned nickel catalyst.하흥용; 임태훈; 정종식, et al
1988-01실리카 담지 니켈 촉매상에서의 칼륨 첨가가 메탄화 반응 속도에 미치는 영향 .서동진; 문상흡; 임선기, et al
1987-01첨가제에 따른 규산소다의 건조 특성 .나병기; 문상흡; 오인환, et al
1989-01침전법으로 제조한 Ni/SiO//2 촉매에서 규산니켈의 생성에 따른 촉매의 특성변화 .서동진; 임태훈; 문상흡, et al
1987-01칼륨이 첨가된 알루미나 담지 니켈 촉매의 특성 .서동진; 문상흡; 임선기