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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-11A simple and low temperature process for super-hydrophilic rutile TiO2 thin films growth마네; 주오심; 민선기, et al
2005-11A simple electrosynthesis route for preparation of nanocrystalline titanium sulphide film록핸드; 민선기; 정광덕, et al
2005-05Aerosol assisted process for NiOx thin films using aqueous nickel acetate solution데자이; 민선기; 정광덕, et al
2005-01Cathodic electrodeposition of amorphous titanium oxide films from an alkaline solution bathC. D. Lokhande; 민선기; 정광덕, et al
2004-10Cathodic electrodeposition of amorphous titanium oxide films from an alkaline solution bath록핸드; 민선기; 정광덕, et al
2007-03CdSe nanofiber based photoelectrochemical cells: Influence of annealing temperatures민선기; 주오심; 마네, et al
2009-03Electrochemically intercalated indium-tin-oxide/poly(3-hexylthiophene): A solid-state heterojunction solar cell마네; 이원주; 민선기, et al
2007-11Electrodeposition of cadmium selenide thin films in acidic and alkaline bath샤크; 마네; 민선기, et al
2005-09Electrodeposition of tubular end-capped cadmium selenide nanocrystalline fibers민선기; 한성환; 정광덕, et al
2006-02Electrosynthesis of molybdenum oxide thin films onto stainless substrates파탄; 민선기; 정광덕, et al
2008-10Enhanced photocurrent in RuL2(NCS)2/di-(3-aminopropyl)-viologen/SnO2/ITO system이원주; 곽창곤; R. S. Mane, et al
2009-12Enhanced Photocurrent in the RuL2(NCS)2/di-(3-aminopropyl)-viologen/Au Nanoparticies/ITO System: Use of Au Nanoparticles for Retardation of the Back Electron Transfer Reaction이원주; 민선기; Gangri Cai, et al
2006-09Formation of self-assembled quantum dots of iron oxide thin films by spray pyrolysis from non-aqueous mediumJ. D. Desai; H.M. Pathan; 민선기, et al
2005-12FT-IR, XPS and PEC characterization of spray deposited hematite thin films데자이; 파탄; 민선기, et al
2005-09Low temperature electrodeposition of Nanocrystalline Molybdenum thin filmsH.M. Pathan; 민선기; 정광덕, et al
2005-08Nanocrystalline haematite thin films by chemical solution spray데자이; 파탄; 민선기, et al
2005-05Nanocrystalline Mo-Co thin films: low temperature electrodeposition and theirs catalytic activites파탄; 민선기; 정광덕, et al
2006-01Preparation and characterization of iron oxide thin films by spray pyrolysis using methanolic and ethanolic solutions데자이; 파탄; 민선기, et al
2006-05Preparation and characterization of titanium dioxide thin films by SILAR method파탄; 민선기; 데자이, et al
2009-12Reduced Recombination and Photodegradation Processes of Photoelectrochemical Cell-Based on CdSe Nanofibers in the Presence of PEDOT:PSS Layers민선기; 이원주; Gangri Cai, et al
2006-12Spray pyrolytic synthesis of large area NiOx thin films from aqueous nickel acetate solutions데자이; 민선기; 정광덕, et al
2006-02Tubular end-capped electrodeposited CdSe nanofibers: Enhanced photochemistry민선기; 주오심; 정광덕, et al
2009-03Upright-standing ZnO nano-sheets growth using wet chemistry민선기; 마네; 주오심, et al
2005-09-09전착법을 이용한 나노튜브형 카드뮴셀레나이드 박막의제조방법민선기; 정광덕; 주오심
2004-05-28전착법을 이용한 무정질 티타늄 산화물 막의 제조방법록핸드씨.디.; 민선기; 정광덕, et al