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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-08Characterization of Surface-modified Ceria Oxide Nanoparticles Synthesized Continuously in Supercritical MethanolBambang Veriansyah; 박현채; 김재덕, et al
1998-05Chemical modification of polysulfones and their gas transport properties강용수; 박현채; 원종옥, et al
1999-01Control of phase separation behavior of PC/PMMA blends and their application to the gas separation membranes김명호; 김주헌; 김창근, et al
2001-04Correlation between structure and gas transport properties of silyl-modified polysulfones and poly(phenyl sulfone)s김일원; 이귀종; 조재영, et al
2000-09Effect of poly(amic acid) imidization on solution characteristics and membrane morphology이혁재; 원종옥; 박현채, et al
1999-01Effect of PVP on the structure of asymmetric polyimide membranes유성현; 조재영; 원종옥, et al
2000-03Effect of solvent and cosolvent on the morphology and permeance of asymmetric polyimide membrane유성현; 조재영; 원종옥, et al
1999-01Effect of solvent exchange on the morphology of asymmetric membrane박현채; 문용식; 이희우, et al
1997-09Effect of solvent exchange on the morphology of asymmetric membrane박현채; 원종옥; 강용수, et al
1998-03Effects of humidity on the morphology of microporous membranes박현채; 홍재민; 하성룡, et al
2000-12Effects of the nitrile group substitution on the gas separation properties of aromatic polyamide membranes최호성; 조원호; 오태진, et al
1999-01Estimation of penetrant transport properties through fixed site carrier membranes using the RC circuit model and sensitivity analysis홍성욱; 원종옥; 박현채, et al
1997-09Formation of integrally skinned asymmetric membrane without skin defect for gas separation강용수; 박현채; 원종옥, et al
1997-09Formation of integrally skinned asymmetric membranes without skin defects for gas separation강용수; 정범석; 박현채, et al
1999-06Gas transport properties of silyl-modified polysulfones박현채; 원종옥; 강용수, et al
1997-09Light scattering and membrane formation studies on polysulfone casting solutions in NMP and in NMP/EA mixed solvents원종옥; 강용수; 박현채, et al
1998-01Light scattering and membrane formation studies on polysulfone solutions in NMP and in mixed solvents of NMP and ethyl acetate원종옥; 강용수; 박현채, et al
1999-07Membrane formation by water vapor induced phase inversion박현채; 김윤보; 김화용, et al
1998-05Modification of polyimide membrane surface for gas separation by ion beam원종옥; 김명호; 강용수, et al
1997-10Modified polysulfones and their gas transport properties김일원; 박현채; 원종옥, et al
2001-07Modified polysulfones. IV. Synthesis and characterization of polymers with silicon substituents for a comparative study of gas-transport propertiesMichael D. Guiver; Gilles P. Robertson; Sheri Rowe, et al
2000-03Morphological effect of dispersed phase on gas permeation properties through heterophase polymer membrane : theoretical and experimental approaches박철민; 조원호; 박현채, et al
2000-05Morphology control of asymmetric membranes by UV irradiation on polyimide dope solution강종석; 원종옥; 박현채, et al
1999-01Morphology control of asymmetric membrnaes via gelation원종옥; 박현채; 강용수, et al
1999-01Non-solvent induced phase separation related to membrane formation정범석; 이혁재; 이후성, et al
1994-01Pervaporation of alcohol-toluene mixtures through polymer blend membranes of poly(acrylic acid) and poly(vinyl alcohol)박현채; R. M. Meertens; M. H. V. Mulder, et al
1997-11Phase behavior and gas permeability of PC/PMMA blends김명호; 김창근; 강용수, et al
2001-06Phase behavior and mechanism of membrane formation for polyimide/DMSO/water system김종학; 민병렬; 원종옥, et al
2001-09Phase behavior and morphological studies of polyimide/PVP/solvent/water systems by phase inversion김종학; 민병렬; 박현채, et al
1996-10Phase behavior of PC/PMMA blends and their gas transport properties김명호; 김창근; 강용수, et al