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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-02A new type of heat storage system using the motion of phase change materials in an elliptical-shaped capsule신유환; 강상우; 신동호, et al
2018-03Analysis of counter flow of corona wind for heat transfer enhancement신동호; 백수홍; 고한서
2019-06Analysis of heat transfer in latent heat thermal energy storage using a flexible PCM container신유환; 강상우; 신동호, et al
2018-04Analysis of thermal flow around bimetal fin using PIV신유환; 신동호; 김선욱, et al
2018-10Analysis of thermal flow around heat sink with ioinc wind for high-power LED신동호; 고한서; 손동기
2019-05Analysis on jet flow characteristics of nozzle through visualization and unsteady simulation신유환; 신동호; 김영수, et al
1995-01Characteristics of heterojunction consisting of plasma polymerized thiophene and n-type silicon김낙중; 신동호; 이신두, et al
2011-03Comparison of diamond-like carbon-coated nitinol stents with or without polyethylene glycol grafting and uncoated nitinol stents in a canine iliac artery model김지형; 신지훈; 신동호, et al
2019-03Control of boundary layer by ionic wind for heat transfer신동호; 장동규; 손동기, et al
2018-10Development of a calorific value controller using bimetal fin channel for PCM heat storage신유환; 신동호; 김선욱, et al
2019-05Development of Venturi-Tube With Spiral-Shaped Fin for Water Treatment신동호; 김영현; 손동기, et al
2019-02Effective latent heat thermal energy storage system using thin flexible pouches신유환; 강상우; 신동호, et al
1999-09Efficient photorefractive system based on carbazole substituted poly(siloxane)유동식; 문현식; 신동호, et al
2018-03Heat recovery from exhaust gas of biogas engine using corona wind신유환; 신동호
2000-11Highly efficient photorefractive system based on carbazole-substituted poly(siloxane)문인규; 유동식; 문현식, et al
2019-05Influence of spear needle eccentricity on jet quality in micro Pelton turbine for power generation신유환; 신동호; 김영수, et al
2000-07Influence of the ionization energy of NLO chromophore on charge-transporting property of photorefractive composite장웅상; 김동영; 이철주, et al
1997-06Nonlinear optical properties of poled films of side-chain polymers임무종; 신동호; 문종원, et al
2000-11Novel chromophores for highly efficient photorefractive materials장웅상; 유동식; 문현식, et al
2018-03Performance enhancement of heat exchanger by using bimetals신유환; 신동호
2018-10Performance enhancement of heat recovery from engine exhaust gas using corona wind신유환; 신동호; 김선욱, et al
1999-01Poling behavior of electro-optic polymers with perfluorinated chromophores박기홍; 신동호; 이신두, et al
1999-01Second-order nonlinear optical polymers based on benzoxazole chromophores박기홍; 신동호; 장웅상, et al
1999-03Side-chain nonlinear optical polymers containing a styrylfuran-based chromophore with large electro-optic properties송상엽; 이승재; 조봉래, et al
2017-11Study on flow control at heat exchanger using bimetal-fin신유환; 신동호
2018-04Study on flow control in channel using bimetal fin신유환; 신동호; 김선욱, et al
1998-01Synthesis and nonlinear optical properties of PMMA copolymers having novel benzoxazole chromophores attached with various electron withdrawing groups박기홍; 연경미; 이민영, et al
2018-08열교환기의 열전달 성능 향상을 위한 이온풍 적용신유환; 신동호; 김선욱, et al