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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002-03A commentary on air pollution monitoring programs in Korea김영성; 김진영; 심상규, et al
1992-01A comparison of numerical methods for the advection equation for air pollution models심상규; 박영산
1993-01Acid deposition models: required development for coupling with aquatic models.심상규
1997-03Aerosol composition at Cheju Island, KoreaGregory R. Carmichael*; 홍민선; Hiromasa Ueda, et al
2004-08Aerosol composition change between 1992 and 2002 at Gosan, KoreaMin Ha Park; Yong Pyo Kim; Chang-Hee Kang, et al
1996-10Aerosol measurement at Kosan Cheju Island, Korea during the Summer 1994김용표; 이종훈; 김진영, et al
1998-06Air quality study for the Yochon industrial estate문길주; 김용표; 심상규, et al
1997-01Air-quality changes of the Seoul metropolitan area from year 1985 to 1995문길주; 심상규; 김영성, et al
1997-01Ambient concentrations of volatile organic compounds in Seoul김용표; 김진영; 김영성, et al
1988-01An evaluation of the chemical and physical processes affecting sulfate and nitrate wet deposition.심상규; 장영수; 조석연, et al
1996-01Analysis of elevated oxidant levels in the southern part of Korea peninsula.김용표; 오현선; 김진영, et al
1999-01Analysis of rainwater in clean air area : characteristics of rainwater at 1100 site of Mt. Halla and Cheju City in 1997-1998강창희; 김원형; 홍상범, et al
1994-01Analysis of rainwater samples in Cheju심상규; 강창희; 김용표
2004-10Analysis of smog episode in Korea in May 2003김영성; 원재광; 심상규, et al
1999-12Analysis of the sulfur compounds in the air by gas chromatography method서성규; 김상채; 이선원, et al
2007-09Analysis of Yellow Sand Events Observed at Gosan, Korea: March-April 2002 Episodes심상규; 김진영; 김영성
1994-01Application of the STEM II to air pollutant transport/chemistry/deposition in the Korea and Eastern China Area : I. Data preparation and model verification이상인; 조석연; 심상규
1995-01Application of the STEM II to air pollutant transport/chemistry/deposition in the Korea and Eastern China area :II. Transport of SO₂and sulfare between the Korea and Eastern China area이상인; 조석연; 심상규
2010-01Atmospheric Deposition of Nitrogen and Sulfur in the Yellow Sea Region: Significance of Long-Range Transport in East Asia김진영; 김영성; 이승복, et al
2011-11Black carbpm characterization for major emission sources김진영; 심상규; 진현철, et al
2000-10Carbonaceous species in fine particles at the background sites in Korea between 1994 and 1997김용표; 문길주; 심상규, et al
2011-12Characteristics of Mercury Deposition over the Yellow Sea International Aerosol Modeling Algorithms김영성; 오현선; 김진영, et al
1995-01Characteristics of particles at Kosan, Cheju Island: Intensive study results during March 11~17 1994김용표; 김성주; 문길주, et al
2014-08Characterization of black carbon at roadside sites and along vehicle roadways in the Bangkok Metropolitan RegionNguyen Tri Quang Hung; 이승복; Nguyen Thanh Hang, et al
2005-01Chemical characteristics of aerosol collected at Deokjeok Osland during the spring of 2004박일수; 김종춘; 이석조, et al
1998-04Comparative study of volatile organic compound concentrations in the Yochon industrial estate during spring and fall김영성; 송철한; 심상규, et al
2011-01Comparison of the mechanisms governing total mercury concentration in precipitation between Korea and China, Air Quality Modeling in Asia 2011 international conference; 김진영; 심상규, et al
2003-12Composition and characteristics of ioinc components of aerosols collected at Gosan site in Jeju Island, Korea강창희; 김원형; 허철구, et al
1996-01Composition change of a single dust particle by reactions with sulfur dioxide.최문길; 김용표; 심상규
2006-03Degradation of Chlorinated Aromatic Compounds by Mackinawite with Transition Metals최정윤; Rheo B. Lamorena; 심상규, et al