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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-01A Cu-based amorphous alloy with a simultaneous improvement in its glass forming ability and plasticity김규현; 이석우; 안재평, et al
2006-11A life assessment for steam turbine rotor subjected to thermo-mechanical loading using inelastic analysis최우성; 에릭플러리; 송기욱, et al
2011-09A modified embedded-atom method interatomic potential for the V-H system심재혁; 이영수; 에릭플러리, et al
2005-04Advanced Metallic coating for the improvement of corrosion and erosion resistance of iron base materials used in buildings and special worksJ. Jayaraj; 석현광; 변경훈, et al
2009-05Application of spinodal decomposition to produce metallic glass matrix composite with simultaneous improvement of strength and plasticity김민욱; 안재평; 석현광, et al
2009-07Atomistic modeling of the Cu-Zr-Ag bulk metallic glass system강경한; 사인영; 이재철, et al
2009-11Changes in structure and mechanical properties in amorphous hydrogen purification/separation membranes에릭플러리; 최윤길; 서진유, et al
2012-02Characteristics of Ni-Nb-based metallic amorphous alloys for hydrogen-related energy applicationsS. Jayalakshmi; V.S. Vasantha; 에릭플러리, et al
2011-01Correlation between plasticity and other materials properties of Cu-Zr bulk metallic glasses: An atomistic simulation study강경한; 박경원; 이재철, et al
2008-10Corrosion behavior of Fe-Co-B-Si-Nb soft-magnetic metallic glass alloys under magnetic field권오집; 이영국; 이진주, et al
2007-05Corrosion behavior of Ti-based quasicrystalline alloys in simulated Hank’s physiological solution자야마니; 권오집; 정빛나라, et al
2009-04Corrosion behaviors of Fe-based soft magnetic metallic glass alloy in different solution권오집; 이영국; 이진주, et al
2007-04Corrosion behaviors of Fe45-xCr18Mo14C15B6Y2Mx(M=Al,Co,Ni,N and x=0,2) bulk metallic glasses under conditions simulating fuel cell environment자야마니; 김유찬; 김기배, et al
2008-08Corrosion behaviour of Fe-based soft-magnetic metallic glass under low magnetic field - a preliminary investigation에릭플러리; 권오집; 이진주, et al
2006-04Corrosion behaviour of Ni-Zr-Ti-Si-Sn amorphous plasma spray coating자야마니; D.J.Sordelet; 김도향, et al
2007-03Corrosion mechanism of N-containing Fe-Cr-Mo-Y-C-B bulk amorphous alloys in highly concentrated HCl solution자야마니; 김기배; 안효석, et al
2009-05Corrosion properties of Cu-containing heat resistant austenitic steel홍성민; 권오집; 에릭플러리
2008-08Corrosion properties of Ni-Nb & Ni-Nb-M (M = Zr, Mo ,Ta & Pd) metallic glasses in simulated PEMFC conditions바산타; 권오집; 에릭플러리
2009-02Corrosion properties of Ni-Nb & Ni-Nb-M (M = Zr, Mo, Ta & Pd) metallic glasses in simulated PEMFC conditions바산타; 진홍석; 에릭플러리
2005-04Corrosion studies on Fe-based amorphous alloys in simulated PEM fuel cell environment자야마니; 김유찬; 김기배, et al
2010-09Cryogenic temperature plasticity of a bulk amorphous alloy윤규상; 이미림; 에릭플러리, et al
2008-06Crystallization behavior and kinetics of Cu-Zr-Al-Be bulk metallic glass김유찬; 에릭플러리; 석현광, et al
2008-10Crystallization behaviors and kinetics of Cu-Zr-Ag amorphous alloys이진주; 김도향; 홍성민, et al
2007-03Crystallization kinetics of the Cu43Zr43Al7Ag7 amorphous alloy박상옥; 이재철; 김유찬, et al
2006-01Crystallization-induced plasticity of Cu-Zr containing bulk amorphous alloys이석우; 허무영; 에릭플러리, et al
2007-11Cu-Zr 합금의 비정질 형성능 및 특성에 미치는 Ag의 영향이진주; 권오집; 에릭플러리
2009-04Cu-Zr-Ag 합금의 NEXAFS를 이용한 구조분석이진주; 김도향; 권오집, et al
2010-08Decomposition of icosahedral phase in Ti52Zr28Ni20 powder during electro-discharge sinteringG.A. Song; J.S. Shin; T.J. Kang, et al
2011-08Deformation behaviors under tension and compression: Atomic simulation of Cu65Zr35 metallic glass박경원; 에릭플러리; 석현광, et al
2009-06Degree of shear-induced disorder and the plasticity of bulk amorphous alloys박경원; 에릭플러리; Yoji Shibutani, et al