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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-05Ag nanowire를 이용한 용액기반 Flexible electrode films 제조오영제; 왕병용; 김준섭, et al
2010-11AZO nanostructures prepared by hydrothermal method and their gas sensing characteristics왕병용; 김현오; 오영제
2013-10CO Gas Detection of Al-Doped ZnO Nanostructures with Various Shapes왕병용; 임대순; 오영제
2013-05Cu Ion Ink for a Flexible Substrate and Highly Conductive Patterning by Intensive Pulsed Light Sintering왕병용; 유태희; 송용원, et al
2014-11Effect of Light Scattering and Trapping of Ag Nanowire Transparent Electrode for Flexible Organic photovoltaics유태희; 왕병용; 임주원, et al
2009-10Effect of the molecular weight of dispersant to the slurry for lead-free transparent dielectric films왕병용; 임대순; 오영제
2013-10Electrical and optical properties of MTO/Ag nanowire/MTO Multilayer Transparent Conducting Layer for Flexible Electronics이충현; 이칠형; 왕병용, et al
2015-04Enhanced Light Scattering and Trapping Effect of Ag Nanowire Mesh Electrode for High Effi cient Flexible Organic Solar Cell왕병용; 유태희; 임주원, et al
2014-11Enhanced Light Scattering and Trapping Effect of Ag Nanowire Mesh Electrode for High Efficient Flexible Organic Solar cell유태희; 왕병용; 임주원, et al
2015-04Enhanced Plasmonic Light scattering Effect by Ag Nanowire for High Efficient Organic photovoltaics왕병용; 임대순; 오영제
2013-05Fabrication of flexible transparent conducting film using CNT/AgNWs multilayer electrodes민형섭; 왕병용; 김상식, et al
2011-11Fabrication of the electrodes of gas sensor based on nano-copper particles by ink-jet printing김세훈; 왕병용; 오영제
2011-06Fabrication of transparent electrodes based on highly conductive, metal nano-wire왕병용; 임대순; 오영제
2014-05Flexible organic solar cells using CNT/AgNWs multilayer electrodes민형섭; 왕병용; 오영제, et al
2013-04Flexible silver nanowire electrodes for stretchable display application왕병용; 김준섭; 임대순, et al
2012-11Flexible silver nanowire electrodes for stretchable sensor application왕병용; 임대순; 오영제
2015-10Flexible Transparent Electrode Prepared by Role-to-Role Silver Nanowires오영제; 왕병용
2011-11Growth and properties of 3-dimensional nanostructured AZO ceramics for gas sensors왕병용; 임대순; 오영제
2013-03Highly Flexible Silver Nanowire/PEDOT:PSS Hybrid Electrodes for ITO-free Polymer Solar-Cell왕병용; 김준섭; 임대순, et al
2011-11Highly sensitive AZO(Al doped ZnO) nanostructure gas sensors왕병용; 임대순; 오영제
2011-04Highly sensitivie CO sensing properties of nanostructured Al doped ZnO thin films왕병용; 오영제
2015-09Improving Mechanical Stability and Surface Roughness of Silver Nanowire Transparent Conducting Films by Over-coated Layer of Graphene and ZnO왕병용; 임대순; 오영제
2014-08Indium-free Highly Transparent MTO/Ag/MTO Multilayer Electrode Prepared by Romm Temperature RF Sputtering for Solar Cell이충현; 왕병용; 최덕균, et al
2014-10Indium-free MTO/Ag/MTO transparent conducting electrode for organic photovoltaic cells이충현; 왕병용; 최덕균, et al
2010-06Influence of moisture absorption in lead-free transparent dielectric frit for green sheet김현오; 왕병용; 임대순, et al
2011-11Influence of Oil Absorption on Lead-Free Transparent Dielectric Frit for Green Sheets김현오; 왕병용; 오영제
2012-04Ink-jet Printing용 나노 전도성 입자 제조, 나노잉크 제조김세훈; 왕병용; 오영제
2011-10Ink-jet Printing을 위한 나노구리입자 제조김세훈; 왕병용; 오영제
2013-11Large area CNT/AgNWs composite electrodes for excellent uniformity and lower sheet resistance민형섭; 신청; 왕병용, et al
2011-10Metal nano-wire 및 P3HT:PCBM 하이브리드구조를 이용한 태양전지 효율 개선왕병용; 이전국; 임대순, et al