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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999-04Adsorption characteristic curves of benzene and toluene on high silica zeolite송명근; 김덕찬; 이후근, et al
1997-01Adsorption characteristics of aromatic VOCs on activated carbon윤정호; 조성용; 황경엽, et al
1999-04Adsorption dynamics of multicomponent BTX vapors in fixed beds윤정호; 황경엽; 최대기
1996-10Adsorption energy distributions of methylene chloride on two activated carbons.조성용; 최대기; 윤정호
1998-03Adsorption equilibria of chlorinated organic solvents onto activated carbon윤정호; 최대기; 김성현
1998-04Adsorption equilibria of chlorinated VOCs onto activated carbon윤정호; 소병조; 최대기, et al
2000-01Adsorption equilibria of hexafluoropropene and 1,1,1,2,3,3,3-heptafluoropropane on activated carbon at 283, 303, 333, and 363 K윤정호; 최대기; 이윤우
2000-04Adsorption equilibria of hexafluoropropene and HFC-227ea on activated carbon이영환; 윤정호; 최대기, et al
2000-10Adsorption equilibria of HFC-227ea on activated carbon정재훈; 윤정호; 최대기, et al
1997-01Adsorption isotherms of benzene and methylbenzene vapors on activated carbon최대기; 윤정호
1998-07Adsorption of benzene and toluene vapors on activated carbon fiber at 298, 323, and 348 K윤정호; 황경엽; 최대기
1998-06Adsorption of organic solvent vapors on hydrophobic Y-type zeolite윤정호; 최대기; 김성현
1997-01Application of isosteric heat of adsorption for prediction of temperature-dependent adsorption equilibria윤정호; 김성현; 최대기
2000-12Benzene adsorption and hot purge regeneration in activated carbon beds윤정호; 최대기; 문희
1998-04Binary and ternary adsorption of BTX vapors on activated carbon윤정호; 최대기; 김성현
1997-01Carbon adsorption treatment of mixed-BTX vapors from oil contaminated-soil washing process윤정호; 장윤영; 황경엽, et al
1997-01Effects of non-ideal adsorption equilibria of gas mixtures on column dynamics윤정호; 최대기; 김성현, et al
1999-04Equilibria and dynamics for mixed vapors of BTX in an activated carbon bed윤정호; 최대기; 김성현
1998-08Equilibria and dynamics for mixed-vapors of BTX in an activated carbon bed윤정호; 최대기
1999-08Equilibrium features of gaseous solvents on various adsorbents윤정호; 최대기; 이윤우
1998-10Heat of adsorption: practical usesi n prediction of adsorption equilibria윤정호; 김성현; 조성용, et al
1997-01Isothermal adsorption characteristics of aromatic VOCs in activated carbon bed윤정호; 최대기; 김성현
1999-08Mixed vapor adsorption of BTX in fixed beds윤정호; 최대기; 김성현, et al
2005-07Optimization of a pressure swing adsorption process for hydrogen separation최대기; 윤정호; 남기문, et al
2001-10Outline for low temperature adsorption and reaction characteristics of NO-NO₂ over chemically-treated activated carbon이영환; 정재훈; 최병욱, et al
1998-08Prediction of gas adsorption equilibria with the isosteric heat of adsorption윤정호; 최대기; 문희
2001-10Selective adsorption behavior of NOx-SO₂ on surface modified activated carbon in combustion/incineration flue gas condition이영환; 최병욱; 윤정호, et al
1999-08Simulation of cyclic TSA process for multiple solvent recovery윤정호; 최대기; 이후근
1996-01Simulation of non-ideal adsorption behavior for gas mixtures in fixed-bed.최대기; 윤정호; 문희
2012-12Strain evolution of each type of grains in poly-crystalline (Ba,Sr)TiO3 thin films grown by sputtering박우영; 박민혁; 이종호, et al