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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002-1117 beta-estradiol reduces apoptotic cell death and increases functional recovery after spinal cord injury윤태영; M.J. Jang; Sangmi Lee, et al
2002-0417β-estradiol increase neuron survival and functional recovery after spinal cord injury윤태영; Sangmi Lee; Sunja Kim, et al
2015-093-Benzamides and 3,4,5-trimethoxyphenyl amines as calcium channel blockers임혜원; 강보희; 오정애, et al
2000-03A cationic lipid emulsion/DNA complex as a physically stable and serum-resistant gene delivery system이선우; 윤태영; 김태우, et al
2012-05A single vesicle-vesicle fusion assay for in vitro studies of SNAREs and accessory proteinsJiajie Diao; Yuji Ishitsuka; 이한기, et al
2013-11An increase in voltage-gated sodium channel current elicits microglial activation followed inflammatory responses in vitro and in vivo after spinal cord injury정길영; 이지영; 임혜원, et al
2000-05Animal models of spinal cord injury윤태영
1996-10BRC001윤태영; 이선우; 김태우, et al
1997-06Cationic lipid emulsion이선우; 윤태영; 배은희, et al
1997-04Cationic lipid emulsion as a gene delivery system이선우; 윤태영; 배은희, et al
2019-07Cobalt Based Nanoparticles Embedded Reduced Graphene Oxide Aerogel for Hydrogen Evolution Electrocatalyst오영탁; 구성환; 리동준, et al
2021-02Direct evaluation of self-quenching behavior of fluorophores at high concentrations using an evanescent field정철현; 배우리; 윤태영
2020-03Electromagnetic Shielding of Monolayer MXene Assemblies구종민; 김선준; 김대신, et al
1995-10Expression of functional V-erbB oncoprotein in baculoviral system.윤태영; Michael Hayman; 공윤, et al
2018-02Implantation of a Matrigel-loaded agarose scaffold promotes functional regeneration of axons after spinal cord injury in rat윤인찬; 한성민; 이지윤, et al
2003-02Increased production of tumor necrosis factor-α induces apoptosis after traumatic spinal cord injury in rats윤태영; Mi J. Chang; Sun J. Kim, et al
2019-10Inhibition of COX-2 alleviates lumbar spinal stenosis-induced chronic mechanical allodynia in rats윤인찬; 이지윤; 최혜영, et al
2004-12Manganese Superoxide Dismutase Induced by TNF-α is Regulated Transcriptionally by NF-κB after Spinal Cord Injury in Rats윤태영; 이상미; 김선자, et al
2013-04Mechanical unzipping and rezipping of a single SNARE complex reveals hysteresis as a force-generating mechanism민두영; 김기범; 현창봉, et al
2003-10Micocycline reduces celldeath and improves functional recovery after traumatic spinal cord injury in ratsSang M. Lee; 윤태영; Sun J. Kim, et al
2004-11Minocycline inhibits apoptotic cell death via attenuation of TNF-α expression following iNOS/NO induction by lipopolysaccharide in neuron/glia co-cultures이상미; 윤태영; 김선자, et al
2002-11Minocycline, anti-inflammatory drug, reduce apoptotic cell death and improve functional recovery following spinal cord injurySnag-Mi Lee; 윤태영; Sun-Ja Kim, et al
2002-04Minocycline, anti-inflammatory drug, reduce apoptotic cell death and improve functional recovery following spinal cord injurySnagmi Lee; 윤태영; Sunja Kim, et al
2003-01Mitochondrial isocitrate dehydrogenase-overexpressing SH-SY5Y cells is resistant to staurosporine-induced apoptotic cell death..Sun J. Kim; 윤태영; Sang M. Lee, et al
2021-06Multidimensional Ti3C2Tx MXene Architectures via Interfacial Electrochemical Self-Assembly구종민; 김혜림; 윤태영, et al
2020-09Mussel inspired highly aligned Ti3C2Tx MXene film with synergistic enhancement of mechanical strength and ambient stability구종민; 김혜림; 이강산, et al
2000-01Nitric oxide induced by tumor necrosis factor-α mediates apoptosis following traumatic spinal cord injury윤태영; 장미정; 김선자, et al
2002-04Phsophorylation of Akt and neuron survival after spinal cord injuryYounjung Yuk; 윤태영; Ji Eun Yune, et al
2000-11Possible involvement of C-jun N-terminal kinase (JNK) and P38 Mapk pathways in apoptosis after spinal cord injury김선자; 윤태영; 장미정, et al
2018-04Profiling of protein-protein interactions via single-molecule techniques predicts the dependence of cancers on growth-factor receptors정철현; 이홍원; 최병산, et al