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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998-011,5-hydride shift in the aluminum chloride promoted allylsilylation of 5-silyl-1-alkenes최근묵; 유복렬; 이호진, et al
1998-0113C NMR analysis for the characterization of heme electronic/molecular structure in horse myoglobin cyanide이강봉; 권지혜; 이호진, et al
1994-081H NMR study of mono- and di-cyanide ligated hemin complexes as models of hemoproteins이강봉; 김남준; 권지혜, et al
1990-101H NMR study of the influence of hydrophobic contacts on protein-prosthetic group recognition in bovine and rat ferricytochrome b5이강봉; Gerd N. La Mar; Lisa A. Kehres, et al
1991-011H NMR study of the role of heme carboxylate side chains in modulating heme pocket structure and mechanism of reconstitution of cytochrome b5이강봉; Gerd N. La Mar; Ravindra K. Pandey, et al
1991-011H NMR study of the solution molecular and electronic structure of escherichia coli ferricytochrome b562: evidence for S = 1/2 ↔ S = 5/2 spin equilibrium for intact His/Met ligationWu, J.-Z; La Mar, G.N.; Yu, L., et al
1994-01A 13C NMR determination for monomer composition in Ep copolymers, EPB and EPDM terpolymers이강봉; An, S.-U.; Rhee, J.-S., et al
2018-07A colorimetric probe to determine Ni2+ using silver nano prisms이강봉; 남윤식; 윤수진
2015-12A colorimetric probe to determine Pb2+ using functionalized silver nanoparticles노권철; 남윤식; 이강봉
2015-12A colorimetric probe to determine Pb2+ using functionalized silver nanoparticles노권철; 남윤식; 이호진, et al
2016-08A colorimetric sensor of iodide ion using glycol chitosan-capped gold nanoparticles이강봉; 남윤식; 김경민
1999-12A new functional model complex of extradiol-cleaving catechol dioxygenases: properties and reactivity of [FeⅡ(BLPA)DBCH]BPh4임지혜; 박태훈; 이호진, et al
1997-01A new functional model of catechol dioxygenase:properties and reactivity of [Fe(BLPA)DBC]BPh4장호겸; Lim, Ji H.; Lee, Ho J., et al
1998-06A new model for the reduced form of purple acid phosphatase: structure and properties of [Fe ₂BPLMP(OAc) ₂](BPh ₄) ₂임선화; 이호진; 이강봉, et al
2000-11A novel iron(III) complex with a tridentate ligand as a functional model for catechol dioxygenases: properties and reactivity of [Fe(BBA)DBC]CIO4윤성호; 이호진; 이강봉, et al
2013-05A study on advanced molecular recognition technology for scientific investigation of forensic evidences노권철; 남윤식; 이강봉, et al
1995-01A study on the characterization of molecular/electronic structure for active sites이강봉
2007-11A Study on the Determination of Iodine in Serum, Fresh Milk, and Feed Additive by Methane Mixed Plasma/ICP/MS박경수; 이강봉
1994-01A study on the measurement of dissociation constant of organic acid with FIA이재성; 박현미; 김희진, et al
2002-10A theoretical study of conformational properties for N-methyl azapeptide derivatives이호진; 송종원; 최영상, et al
1996-01A ¹³C NMR determination for monomer compositions in ethylene-propylene copolymers, ethylene-propylene-butene-1, and elthylene-propylene-diene terpolymers이강봉; 권지혜; 이호진, et al
2002-11An analytical evaluation on the flue gas and combustion efficiency of emulsion fuel박현미; 어연우; 백승우, et al
2000-12Analysis for DBCP and n-butylbenzene existing in water, soil and sediment samples of Korea박현미; 김지현; 류재천, et al
2000-06Analysis for polybrominated biphenyls(PBBs) existing in water, soil and sediment samples of Korea어연우; 박현미; 류재천, et al
2013-09Analysis of Natural Dyes in Archaeological Textiles using TOF-SIMS and other Analytical Techniques이지혜; 김만호; 이강봉, et al
2014-11Analysis of natural dyes in archeological textiles using TOF-SIMS and other analytical techniques이지혜; 김만호; 이강봉, et al
2008-12Analysis of simazine and diuron residues in aquarium sea water and live-fishes with HPLC-UV남윤식; 차기석; 이기수, et al
2014-10Application of attenuated total reflectance fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (ATR-FTIR) for the simple identification of counterfeit Viagra ⓡ and Cialis ⓡ tablets노권철; 남윤식; 이상원, et al
2013-07Application of Attenuated Total Reflectance Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (ATR-FTIR) in Forensic Science남윤식; 이강봉
2012-10Application of judgment with ATR FTIR in differentiation of forgery document남윤식; 이강봉