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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-042-layer based microfluidic concentration generator by hybrid serial and volumetric dilutions이강선; 김충; 김영은, et al
2011-033-Dimensional cell culture for on-chip differentiation of stem cells in embryoid body김충; 이강선; 방재훈, et al
2008-03A serial dilution microfluidic device using a ladder network generating logarithmic or linear concentrations김충; 이강선; 김종현, et al
2007-09Droplet-based Immunomagnetic cell separation이강선; 유성신; 김충, et al
2007-06Fabrication of round channels using the surface tension of PDMS and its application to a 3D serpentine mixer이강선; 김충; 신경식, et al
2009-04Generalized serial dilution module for monotonic and arbitrary microfluidic gradient generators이강선; 김충; 안병욱, et al
2011-01Generation of core-shell microcapsules with three-dimensional focusing device for efficient formation of cell spheroid김충; 정석; 김영은, et al
2012-03Gravity-oriented microfluidic device for uniform and massive cell spheroid formation이강선; 김충; 양재영, et al
2009-12Hydrodynamically Focused Particle Filtration Using an Island Structure이강선; 김충; 안병욱, et al
2011-07Microfluidic concentration-on-demand combinatorial dilutions이강선; 김충; 김영은, et al
2010-05Microfluidic network-based combinatorial dilution device for high throughput screening and optimization이강선; 김충; 정근휘, et al
2007-12Multi-well chip for forming a uniform embryoid body in a tiny droplet with mouse embryonic stem cells김충; 이인혜; 이강선, et al
2009-05Rapid exchange of oil-phase in microencapsulation chip to enhance cell viability김충; 이강선; 김영은, et al
2007-04-11용액을 연속적으로 희석하는 미세채널 칩 및 희석 방법강지윤; 김충; 김태송, et al
2006-01-11줄기세포로부터 배아체를 형성 및 성장시키는 방법 및 장치강지윤; 김충; 김태송, et al
2008-08-01중력과 자기력의 차이를 이용한 생물학적 입자 분리 장치및 방법이강선; 강지윤; 유성신, et al
2005-04-20표면장력을 이용한 미세관 제작 방법 및 그 미세관강지윤; 김충; 김태송, et al