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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002-06A facile reduction of aromatic nitro compounds to aromatic amines with bis(cyclopentadienyl)titanium(IV) dichloride-indium system유병우; 이성재; 유병승, et al
2002-03A Study on the Pretreatment of BaTiOx Ceramics for the Analysis of Ba , Ti and W using Acid Digestion Bomb박경수; 김선태; 심의섭, et al
2007-03Annealing Effect on Magnetic Properties and Electromagnetic Absorption Behaviors for Fe-Cr Alloy Powder-Polymer composites이성재; 김윤배; 이경섭, et al
2000-05Biodegradable bone cement for bone ingrowth: preparation and physical properties김정구; 박기동; 김수현, et al
2007-12Effect of annealing temperature on electromagnetic absorption properties of crystalline Fe-Si-Al alloy powder-polymer composites이성재; 김윤배; 이경섭, et al
2007-03Electromagnetic Absorption Behaviors of Ferromagnetic Fe-Cr Alloy Powder and Polymer Composites in the Radio Frequency Range김상우; 이성재
2007-09Electromagnetic shielding properties of soft magnetic powder-Polymer composite films for the application to suppress noise in the radio frequency range김상우; 윤용운; 이성재, et al
2008-10Evaluation of Denitrification Reactivity by the Supported Nanoscale Zero-Valent Iron Prepared in Ethanol-Water Solution박희수; 박용민; 오수경, et al
2008-05Guest editorial한일기; 김은규; 이성재, et al
1999-01High regioselective epoxide ring opening reactions by various organoborane-copper alkoxide complexes.최정훈; 이성재; 김정성, et al
2002-02Indium-mediated allylation of acyl cyanides in aqeous media : a convenient synthesis of β , γ -unsaturated ketones유병우; 최광현; 이성재, et al
2000-11Indium-mediated reductive coupling of acyl cyanides: a convenient synthesis of 1,2-diketones.백형수; 이성재; 유병우, et al
2000-03Microstructural behavior of alumina aggregate compacts prepared by transient liquid phase sintering이성재; 김해두; 이득용, et al
2002-01Mild and efficient reduction of sulfoxides to sulfides with bis(cyclopentadienyl) titanium (IV) dichloride-indium system유병우; 최광현; 이성재, et al
2008-10Nano Korea 2006한일기; 김은규; 이성재, et al
2007-11Reduction Kinetics of Nitrate with Supproted Nanoscale Zero-valent Iron박희수; 박용민; 조윤성, et al
2008-09Reduction of nitrate by nanoscale zero-valent iron supported on mesoporous silica beads박희수; 연경호; 박용민, et al
2007-12Reduction of Nitrate using Nanoscale Zero-Valent Iron Supported on the Ion-Exchange Resin박희수; 박용민; 조윤성, et al
2007-10Removal of Nitrate in Groundwater by Nanoscale Zero-Valent Iron in Permeable Reactive Barrier박희수; 박용민; 조윤성, et al
2005-10-27노이즈 감쇄층, 노이즈 감쇄 회로기판 및 이들의 제조방법김광윤; 김상우; 이성재
1997-05유한요소법을 이용한 대퇴 골두내 무혈성 괴사증의 다양한 수술적 기법에 대한 생체역학적 분석 .김정성; 이성재; 신정욱, et al