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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002-07A 20- Å -thick interwoven sheet consisting of nanotubes.정옥상; 김은주; 김관묵, et al
2003-01A unique castle-wall type strand. deca-coordinate cerium( Ⅲ ) complex with 3,3 ´ -dihydroxy-2,2 ´ -bipyridine정옥상; 박성호; 이영아, et al
2002-12A unique siloxane-based pyridyl space. Preparation and structure of 1,3-bis(3-pyridyl)tetraphenyldisiloxane이영아; 유경호; 박기민, et al
2000-01An organometallic mercaptopyridine complex with unusual bond shift fluxionality: metal-mediated tautomerism of (pentamethylcyclopentadienyl)bis(pyridine-2-thiolato)rhodium( Ⅲ )정옥상; 이영아; 김용태, et al
1996-01Ancillary ligand dependent shifts in charge distribution for cobalt-quinone complexes손연수; 정옥상; 조두환, et al
1995-08Bistability and low energy electron transfer : diimine bridged cobalt semiquinonate-catecholate coordination polymers정옥상; 이영아; C. G. Pierpont
1997-01Bistability and molecular switching for semiquinone and catechol complexes of cobalt, studies on redox isomerism for the bis(pyridine) ether series Co(py//2X)(3,6-DBQ)//2, X=O, S, Se, and Te정옥상; 조두환; 이영아, et al
1994-01Bistability of CoIII(N-N)(3,6-DBSQ)(3,6-DBCat) : subtle diimine lagand effect (N-N=4,7-dimethyl-1,10-phenanthroline, 5-chloro-1,10-phenanthroline손연수; 이영아; 정옥상, et al
1996-08Charge distribution dependent on the chelating ratio. [Co(μ-bpym)(dbbq)2] vs. [{Co(dbbq)}2(μ-bpym)](bpym=2,2'-bipyrimidine정옥상; 조두환; 이영아, et al
1998-11Chelate-ring-dependent shifts in redox isomerism for the Co(Me//2N(CH//2)//nNMe//2)(3,6-DBQ)//2 (n = 1-3) series, where 3,6-DBQ is the semiquinonate or catecholate ligand derived from 3,6-di-tert-buty정옥상; 조두환; 이영아, et al
1999-09Coligand effects on bonding mode. synthesis and properties of (diallylmalonato)platinum(II) complexes of P vs. N donating ligand정옥상; 이영아; 박성호, et al
2001-06Conversion of molecular helical springs to chicken-wire grids정옥상; 김연주; 이영아, et al
2002-11Cyclic tetramer vs dimer of cyclic dimer: subtle anion effects on the cyclization of AgBF₄ vs AgClO₄ with bis(3-pyridyl)dimethylsilane정옥상; 이영아; 김은주, et al
2001-11Cyclopropane fatty acid is related to stationary phase acid tolerance in Salmonella typhimurium이진; 김배훈; 김승기, et al
2002-02Detection of ClO₄- via a hypersensitive receptor : unusual electrostatic equilibria between host and guest in aqueous media이영아; 홍종기; 정옥상
1993-01Di- and triorganotin(IV) complexes of sulfur- containing ylidenemalonates.손연수; 정옥상; 이영아, et al
1994-01Diaminoplatinum(II) complexes of glutamic acid: obvious chelating isomerization.손연수; 이영아; 정옥상, et al
1996-01Distinct oxidation-state change dependent on remote group of coligand. (X//2-phen)Co(3,6-DBBQ)//2 (X//2-phen=4,7-disubstituted-1,10-phenanthroline정옥상; 이영아; 박성호, et al
1999-01Facile synthesis and structural properties of (diamine)tetracarboxylatoplatinum(IV) complexes김관묵; 이영아; 이숭실, et al
1998-02First observation of metal-mediated interligand tautomerism. Cobalt(III) complexes containing mixed pyridine-2-thiol and pyridine-2-thione ligands정옥상; 김용태; 이영아, et al
2001-02Intramolecular change distribution and related properties in a series of 3,6-Di-tert-butylbenzoquinonatocobalt complexes containing piperidine정옥상; 이영아; 박성호, et al
1996-01Intramolecular sulfur-oxygen interaction. Structure of dimethyl 1,3-dithiolan-2-ylidenemalonate.김관묵; 이영아; 정옥상, et al
1999-02Linkage isomerism dependent on solvent and temperature. Synthesis and structural properties of diamineplatinum(II) complexes of allyl- and diallylmalonate ligands이영아; 정영근; 손연수
2000-01Molecular networks consisting of dumbbell-cage motif: structure and anion exchangeability of [Ag(Py2S)2·BF4]n (Py2S=4,4'-dipyridyl sulfide)정옥상; 박성호; 이영아, et al
2000-01Molecular networks via coordination polymerization. Synthesis and characterization of 2-D polymeric cobalt(Ⅱ) compounds containing 3,3´-dipyridyl ether series정옥상; 김은주; 이영아, et al
2002-08Molecular strands and related properties of silver(I) triflate with 3,3'-oxybispyridine vs 3,3'-thiobispyridine김은주; 이영아; 박기민, et al
2000-11One-pot synthesis of C₂-symmetric N,N' -diaryl bis(oxazolidin-2-ones) as precursors for N,N' -diaryl 2,3-diamino-1,4-butanediols이상기; 임청우; 이재균, et al
2003-03Oxidation of Pt(II) to Pt(IV) complex with hydrogen peroxide in glycols.이영아; 유경호; 정옥상
1990-01Preparation and reactivity of (phenylsilatrane)manganese tricarbonyl perchlorate이영아; 정영근; 김유승, et al
1992-01Preparation and structure of CH//2CH//2OOCCHCH//2SnCl//3.손연수; 정옥상; 이영아, et al