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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-09A Drone based Firefighter Supporting Navigation System using IR-UWB and Inertial Sensor이택진; 이정호; 김강호, et al
2011-09A Pedestrian Indoor Positioning System Based on the WI-FI and Walk Patterning Algorithm Using Mobile Device이정호; 신범주; 이석, et al
2020-06A software architecture for service robots manipulating objects in human environments박성기; 김창환; 김동환, et al
2014-09A Step Length Estimation based on Motion Recognition and Adaptive Gait Cognition using as Smartphone이정호; 신범주; 이석, et al
2020-02A Study on the 2D GPS/INS Integration Positioning using Smartphone Sensors for Land Vehicle Navigation이택진; 신동현; 이정호, et al
2013-04An Indoor Positioning System Using Vision aided Advanced PDR technology without image DB and with motion recognition이택진; 신범주; 이정호, et al
2011-12An Intelligent Real-time Odor Monitoring System Using a Pattern Extraction Algorithm김은경; 이석; 이택진, et al
2012-05An odor monitoring system based on differentiated pattern recognition implemented a semiconductor gas sensor array김은경; 이정호; 신범주, et al
2011-02Chondrogenic Differentiation of Human Adipose Tissue-Derived Stem Cells in Functional PLGA Scaffolds박재구; 이정호; 김정남, et al
2007-09Controlled assembly of carbon nanotubes encapsulated with amphiphilic block copolymer박지영; 이상화; 이정호, et al
2003-06Impurity free vacancy disordering of self-assembled InGaAs quantum dots by using PECVD-grown SiO₂ and SiNx capping films이정호; 최원준; 박용주, et al
2012-10Indoor 3D Pedestrian Tracking Algorithm Based on PDR using Smartphone신범주; 이정호; 이현호, et al
2018-11Localization technology of vehicle in tunnel using mobile phone이택진; 이정호; 신범주, et al
2014-06Motion based Adaptive Step Length Estimation using Smartphone이정호; 신범주; 이석, et al
2013-11Motion Recognition based 3D Indoor Navigation System for Smartphone User신범주; 이정호; 이석, et al
2014-10Motion Recognition based Adaptive Step Length Estimation for a PDR system Only using a Smartphone이정호; 신범주; 이석, et al
2012-11Motion Recognition based Indoor Navigation System for Pedestrian using Smartphone신범주; 이정호; 이현호, et al
2012-09Motion-Awareness 3D PDR Sytem in GPS-Denied Environment using Smartphone신범주; 이정호; 김재헌, et al
2008-04Osteogenic differentiation of human adipose tissue-derived stromal cells (hASCs) in a porous three-dimensional scaffold이정호; 이종원; 오덕영, et al
2013-10Real Time Adaptive Step Length Estimation for Smartphone User이정호; 신범주; 김철기, et al
2012-05Research for Mobile Intraocular Pressure Sensor System Technology이정호; 이혁재; 김재헌, et al
2012-08Research of selectivity enhancement technology for gas sensor array using pattern recognition김은경; 이정호; 신범주, et al
2015-11Smartphone based Indoor Navigation Technology using Map-matching신범주; 이정호; 김현덕, et al
2018-05Surface Correlation based Precise Localization System on Workers in Gas Plant이택진; 이정호; 신범주, et al
2016-11The Drone based Positioning System using IMU and IR-UWB for a Safety of Firefighter이택진; 방재원; 최종석, et al
2013-11The Pedestrian Step Length Estimation Algorithm using Smart Phone based Motion Recognition이정호; 신범주; 김재헌, et al
2003-02Thermal treatment of InGaAs/GaAs self-assembled quantum dots with SiNx and SiO₂ capping layers이정호; 최원준; 박용주, et al
2014-03Tyrosine-mediated two-dimensional peptide assembly and its role as a bio-inspired catalytic scaffold장형석; 이정호; 박용선, et al
2013-03-14가상 캘리브레이션을 이용하여 고도 측정이 가능한 휴대 단말 및 이를 이용한 고도 측정 방법김선호; 김재헌; 김철기, et al
2012-07-06고도 측정이 가능한 휴대 단말 및 이를 이용한 고도 측정 방법김재헌; 김철기; 박상준, et al