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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-06A ferroelectric photocatalyst for enhancing hydrogen evolution: polarized particulate suspension박상백; 이찬우; 강민규, et al
1998-01A novel precursor for color and fluorescence iamging김종만; 강종희; 한동근, et al
1998-04Alicyclic polymers based on t-BOC-dinorbonene as resists materials이재형; 강종희; 김종만, et al
2014-10Anion-controlled synthesis of TiO2 nano-aggregates for Li ion battery electrodes박상백; 송희조; 김재찬, et al
1998-11Bis-GMA/3MA 프리폴리머를 함유한 치과용 복합레진의 물리적 특성 및 생체친화성 .전호욱; 한동근; 이찬우, et al
1998-10Bis-GMA/3MA mixture as a new prepolymer system for dental restorative composite resins한동근; 전호욱; 이찬우, et al
1998-09Bis-GMA/trimethacrylate composite resins for dental restorations전호욱; 한동근; 이찬우, et al
2020-09Catalyst-electrolyte interface chemistry for electrochemical CO2 reduction황윤정; 이웅; 이시영, et al
2015-12Controlling oxide surface dipole and reactivity with intrinsic nonstoichiometric epitaxial reconstructions김승철; Ofer Sinai; 이찬우, et al
2020-04Controlling the C2+ product selectivity of electrochemical CO2 reduction on an electrosprayed Cu catalyst민병권; 황윤정; 오형석, et al
2019-09Cyclic two-step electrolysis for stable electrochemical conversion of carbon dioxide to formate민병권; 황윤정; 이찬우, et al
2019-03Electrochemical Fragmentation of Cu2O Nanoparticles Enhancing Selective C-C Coupling from CO2 Reduction Reaction민병권; 황윤정; 조민경, et al
2016-07Enhanced lithium storage in reduced graphene oxide-supported M-phase vanadium(IV) dioxide nanoparticles김병국; 박상백; 송희주, et al
2012-09Enhanced performance of NaTaO3 using molecular co-catalyst [Mo3S4]4+ for water splitting into H2 and O2박상백; 서세원; 정희윤, et al
2015-10Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity of Ultrathin Ba5Nb4O15 Two-Dimensional Nanosheets박상백; 송희조; 이찬우, et al
2012-02Fabrication of TiO2/Tin-Doped Indium Oxide-Based Photoelectrode Coated with Overlayer Materials and Its Photoelectrochemical Behavior박상백; 이상욱; 김동회, et al
2019-11General technoeconomic analysis for electrochemical coproduction coupling carbon dioxide reduction with organic oxidation이현주; 민병권; 황윤정, et al
2015-12Graphene Quantum Sheet Catalyzed Silicon Photocathode for Selective CO 2 Conversion to CO양기동; 하윤호; 심욱, et al
2014-10Growth of anatase and rutile TiO2@Sb:SnO2 heterostructures and their application in photoelectrochemical water splitting박상백; 이찬우; 조인선, et al
2013-05Heteroepitaxial Growth of ZnO Nanosheet Bands on ZnCo2O4 Submicron Rods toward High-Performance Li Ion Battery Electrodes박상백; 이찬우; 서승덕, et al
2016-07Heteroepitaxy-Induced Rutile VO2 with Abundantly Exposed (002) Facets for High Lithium Electroactivity박상백; 이찬우; 김재찬, et al
2014-06Hierarchical assembly of TiO2-SrTiO3 heterostructures on conductive SnO2 backbone nanobelts for enhanced photoelectrochemical and photocatalytic performance박상백; 김상현; 김혜진, et al
2015-02High-areal-capacity lithium storage of the Kirkendall effect-driven hollow hierarchical NiSx nanoarchitecture박상백; 이찬우; 서승덕, et al
2016-03High-power and long-life supercapacitive performance of hierarchical, 3-D urchin-like W18O49 nanostructure electrodes박상백; 심현우; 이찬우, et al
2015-07Highly stable sodium storage in 3-D gradational Sb-NiSb-Ni heterostructures박상백; 이찬우; 김재찬, et al
1998-01Insoluble polymer catalysts for photooxidation of amine김종만; 한동근; 이찬우, et al
2016-10Li-electroactivity of thermally-reduced V2O3 nanoparticles박상백; 송희조; 최민구, et al
2015-10Li2MnSiO4 nanorods-embedded carbon nanofibers for lithium-ion battery electrodes박상백; 송희조; 김재찬, et al
2020-03Mass Transport Control by Surface Graphene Oxide for Selective CO Production from Electrochemical CO2 Reduction민병권; 김희숙; 황윤정, et al
2019-08Metal-Oxide Interfaces for Selective Electrochemical C-C Coupling Reactions민병권; 황윤정; 오형석, et al