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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-05Adsorption of bacteriophage MS2 to magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles in aqueous solutions박정안; 김성배; 이창구, et al
2015Ammonium-functionalized mesoporous silica MCM-41 for phosphate removal from aqueous solutions강진규; 김재현; 김성배, et al
2016Analysis of phosphate removal from aqueous solutions by hydrocalumite손정우; 김재현; 강진규, et al
2014-08Analysis of surface characteristics of carbon foam derived from phenolic resin이창구; 전준우; 최재우, et al
2015-08Applicability and toxicity evaluation of an adsorbent based on jujube for the removal of toxic heavy metals안병렬; 이창구; 송미경, et al
2016-06Application of carbon foam for heavy metal removal from industrial plating wastewater and a toxicity evaluation of the adsorbent류재천; 이상협; 박찬혁, et al
2015-08Comparative analysis of fixed-bed sorption models using phosphate breakthrough curves in slag filter media이창구; 김재현; 강진규, et al
2016-01Effect of nitrogen doping on titanium carbonitride-derived adsorbents used for arsenic removal한지선; 이순재; 최근수, et al
2015-03Effective regeneration of adsorbent developed for removal of organic contaminant by using UV radiation이순재; 이창구; 이상협, et al
2015-10Effective regeneration of an adsorbent for the removal of organic contaminants developed based on UV radiation and toxicity evaluation이순재; 이재상; 송미경, et al
2016-09Evaluation of the use of sea sand, crushed concrete, and bentonite to stabilize trace metals and to interrupt their release from contaminated marine sediments최재우; 이창구; 강구, et al
2014-08Heavy metal adsorption test of carbon foam containing the Fe2O3전준우; 이상협; 최재우, et al
2014-01Kinetic, equilibrium and thermodynamic studies for phosphate adsorption to magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles윤세영; 이창구; 박정안, et al
2015-07Lead and copper removal from aqueous solutions using carbon foam derived from phenol resin이창구; 전준우; 황민진, et al
2014-03Mg-Fe 혼합금속산화물을 이용한 인 제거: 용액 pH 및 온도의 영향김재현; 손정우; 김성배, et al
2013-10Phosphate removal using ammonium-functionalized mesoporous silica강진규; 이창구; 박정안, et al
2015-04Phosphate sorption to quintinite in aqueous solutions: Kinetic, thermodynamic and equilibrium analyses김재현; 박정안; 강진규, et al
2013-10Phosphate sorption to slag media: model analysis이창구; 김재현; 강진규, et al
2013-10Phosphorus removal using magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles윤서영; 이창구; 강진규, et al
2016Removal and recovery of Cr(VI) from industrial plating wastewater using fibrous anion exchanger이상협; 최재우; 이창구, et al
2017-01Removal of copper, nickel and chromium mixtures from metal plating wastewater by adsorption with modified carbon foam이상협; 박찬혁; 최재우, et al
2014-07Study on synthesis of carbon foams and heavy metals removal in water이창구; 전준우; 조슬기, et al
2014-07-17기체회수장치 및 방법권규상; 안병렬; 이상협, et al
2014-03슬래그 여과상의 깊이 변화에 따른 인 제거: BDST 모델 분석이창구; 최재우; 이상협, et al