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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-01Colloidal nanocomposite of reduced graphene oxide and quantum dots for enhanced surface passivation in optoelectronic applicationsAnush Mnoyan; 김경목; 김진영, et al
2015-12Conjugated Polyelectrolyte Hybridized ZnO Nanoparticles as a Cathode Interfacial Layer for Efficient Polymer Light-Emitting Diodes김영선; 김경목; 서민원, et al
1996-11Cr 코팅과 Annealing을 통한 Si 팁의 전계 방출 특성에 관한 연구주병권; 오명환; 맹인영, et al
2015-06Electrostatic Stabilized InP Colloidal Quantum Dots with High Photoluminescence EfficiencyAnush N. Mnoyan; Artavazd Gh. Kirakosyan; 김현기, et al
1997-10Field emission properties of Cr-coated silicon tip array주병권; 맹인영; 이윤희, et al
2015-05Highly luminescent, off-stoichiometric CuxInyS2/ZnS quantum dots for near-infrared fluorescence bio-imaging최형석; 김영선; 박재철, et al
2012-02In Situ Synthesis of Thiol-Capped CuInS2-ZnS Quantum Dots Embedded in Silica Powder by Sequential Ligand-Exchange and Silanization김현기; 장호성; 권병화, et al
2004-01Influence of dc magnetron sputtering parameters on surface morphology of indium tin oxide thin films정연식; 이동욱; 전덕영
2003-11Influence of DC magnetron sputtering parameters on the properties of amorphous indium zinc oxide thin film.정연식; 서지윤; 이동욱, et al
2011-07Luminescence Tuning Mechanism of La0.827Al11.9O19.09:Eu2+,Mn2+ Phosphor for Multi-Color Light-Emitting Diodes원유호; 장호성; 전덕영
2014-04Serum-stable quantum dot-protein hybrid nanocapsules for optical bio-imaging이정유; 남동헌; 오미화, et al
2002-06Surface structure and field emission property of carbon nanotubes grown by radio-frequency plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition정연식; 전덕영
2013-06Synthesis of ZnSe Quantum Dots Using a Continuous-Flow Microreactor and Their White Emission through Energy Transfer권병화; 김현기; 김영선, et al
2011-08White-light emitting surface-functionalized ZnSe quantum dots: europium complex-capped hybrid nanocrystal권병화; 장호성; 유형선, et al
2011-01Widely Tunable Emissions of Colloidal ZnxCd1-xSe Alloy Quantum Dots Using a Constant Zn/Cd Precursor Ratio김종욱; 이종진; 장호성, et al
2012-01Yellow-emitting γ-Ca2SiO4:Ce3+, Li+ phosphor for solid-state lighting: luminescent properties, electronic structure, and white light-emitting diode application장호성; 김현유; 김양수, et al