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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-04A comparison of Pycnogenol(R) and bark extracts from Pinus thunbergii and Pinus densiflora: Extractability, antioxidant activity and proanthocyanidin composition김상민; 강석우; 전제승, et al
2017-01A New Geranyl Phenylpropanoid from Heracleum moellendorffii Leaves엄병헌; 전제승; 김철영
2010-06A preparative isolation by centrifugal partition chromatography and optimization of a pressurized liquid extraction method by experimental design methodology for fucoxanthin from Eisenia bicyclis (Kjellman) Setchell상아방; 전제승; 김상민, et al
2011-04A2E Photooxidation Inhibitory Prenylated Isoflavonoids from Cudrania tricuspidata메즈박; 이희주; 전제승, et al
2011-09Adaptation of Leaves in Ligularia fischeri (Ledeb.) Turcz to Sun, Shade and Drought: Chlorophylls and Phenolic Compounds김상민; 전제승; 정유진, et al
2010-08Antioxidant compound from the brown alga Eisenia bicyclis김상민; 전제승; 강석우, et al
2010-10Antioxidative Flavonoids from Yellow Petals of Kerria Japonica for Plena전제승; 김학기; 엄병헌
2013-03Chalcones from the Flowers of Coreopsis lanceolata and Their In Vitro Antioxidative Activity상아방; 사랑게렐; 전제승, et al
2012-06Composition Analysis and Antioxidant Activity of Ojuk (Phyllostachys nigra Munro) Leaf Tea and Shoot Tea김상민; 전제승; 강석우, et al
2012-06Content of Antioxidative Caffeoylquinic Acid Derivatives in Field- Grown Ligularis fischeri (Ledeb.) Turcz and Responses to Sunlight김상민; 전제승; 강석우, et al
2013-06Determination of major phlorotannins in Eisenia bicyclis using hydrophilic interaction chromatography: Seasonal variation and extraction characteristics김상민; 강석우; 전제승, et al
2013-04Heat Processing Enhances Antioxidative Activity of Sasa Bamboo (Sasa borealis) Leaves김우리; 전제승; 엄병헌
2011-11Isolation of phlorotannins from Eisenia bicyclis and their hepatoprotective effect against oxidative stress induced by tert-butyl hyperoxide김상민; 강경수; 전제승, et al
2011-09Isolation of Prenylated Isoflavonoids from Cudrania tricuspidata Fruits that Inhibit A2E Photooxidation메즈박; 이희주; 전제승, et al
2014-08Phytoestrogenic activity of Aceriphyllum rossii and rapid identification of phytoestrogens by LC-NMR/MS and bioassay-guided isolation강석우; 강경수; 김미애, et al
2012-06Preparative isolation and purification of prenylated isoflavonoids from Cudrania tricuspidata fruits using centrifugal partition chromatography전제승; 김상민; 이희주, et al
2014-11Preparative Isolation of Antioxidant Flavonoids from Small Black Soybeans by Centrifugal Partition Chromatography and Sequential Solid-Phase Extraction전제승; 강석우; 엄병헌, et al
2010-10Preparative Isolation of Prenylated Isoflavones from Cudrania tricuspidata by Centrifugal Partition Chromatography전제승; 김학기; 엄병헌, et al
2009-05Rapid analysis and preparative isolation of antioxidant flaonoids from Jindalrae flowers using on line ABTS-HPLC and Cenrifugal partition chromatography전제승; 김철영; 김학기, et al
2011-05Rapid Detection of Antioxidant Flavonoids in Azalea (Rhododendron mucronulatum) Flowers using On-line HPLC-ABTS+ System and Preparative Isolation of Three Flavonoids by Centrifugal Partition Chromatography전제승; 김학기; 엄병헌, et al
2012-02Rapid identification and evaluation of antioxidant compounds from extracts of Petasites japonicus by hyphenated-HPLC techniques김상민; 강석우; 전제승, et al
2010-08Seven coumarins from the leaves and stalks of Heracleum moellendorffii and its cancer chemopreventive activities전제승; 윤지호; 김철영, et al
2011-06The Rapid Identification and Preparative Isolation of Antioxidant Compounds using On-line HPLC-ABTS+ Detection and Centrifugal Partition Chromatography이희주; 전제승; 메즈박, et al
2011-09The Rapid Identification of Bioactive Compounds from Korean Natural Products by LC-NMR강석우; 김상민; 전제승, et al
2011-07Tyrosinase inhibition by water and ethanol extracts of a far eastern sea cucumber, Stichopus japonicusAmir Husni; 전제승; 엄병헌, et al
2012-01-17가속용매추출법을 이용하는 소나무 수피 추출물의 추출방법강석우; 김상민; 상아방, et al
2012-01-12대나무 잎의 항산화능을 증가시키는 방법강석우; 김상민; 김우리, et al
2011-12-14대나무 줄기의 식용화 방법강석우; 김상민; 엄병헌, et al
2010-09-30대황 추출물, 이의 분획물 또는 이로부터 분리한 화합물을 함유하는 항피로 조성물 및 그의 제조방법강석우; 김상민; 신영오, et al
2011-12-21아임계 용매를 이용하는 대나무 잎 추출물의 추출방법강석우; 김상민; 김철영, et al