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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-11Bacterial community structure in a biofilter used as a pretreatment for seawater desalinationSanghyun Jeong; 배효관; Gayathri Naidu, et al
2014-01Characteristics of Ga and Ag-doped ZnO-based nanowires for an ethanol gas sensor prepared by hot-walled pulsed laser deposition정다운; 김경원; 박성익, et al
2015-10Current technologies on ultrapure water production: based on the patent survey정성필; 배효관; 조경진, et al
2011-06Deposition Temperature-dependence of the structural and electrical properties of Ga-doped ZnO thin film for transparent conducting oxides이득희; 김경원; 풀락, et al
2016-08Dewatering of source-separated human urine for nitrogen recovery by membrane distillation이석헌; 배효관; 정성필, et al
2004-12Dramatic enhancement of catalytic activity in an ionic liquid: highly practical Friedel-Crafts alkenylation of arenes with alkynes catalyzed by metal triflatesC. E. Song; 정다운; 정수연, et al
2014-06Dynamic shift in community structures of biofilm-forming bacteria by the pre-treatment systems of seawater reverse osmosis processes배효관; 정다운; 김희선, et al
2012-08Effect of electrodepositing and annealing parameters on properties of device-quality CuIn(Se,S)2 thin films on a Mo/glass substrate박영일; 김동환; 정다운, et al
2011-06Effect of Ga/Ag dopants on optical and structural properties of ZnO-based nanowires김경원; 이득희; 풀락, et al
2013-06Effect of Hybrid Annealing with Sulfur and Selenium on Electrodeposited CuInSe2 Film정다운; 박영일; 고중혁, et al
2018-02Effects of the ammonium loading rate on nitrite-oxidizing activity during nitrification at a high dose of inorganic carbon정윤철; 이석헌; 조경진, et al
2011-04Ethanol gas sensors with Ga-doping in ZnO nanowires정다운; 김경원; 이득희, et al
2012-09Fabrication of MoS2 Film-based Transistors with Graphene Electrodes박성익; 최진일; 정다운, et al
2012-09High Performance of Ethanol Gas Sensor using Pure ZnO, 3GZO, and 3SZO Nanowires정다운; 박성익; 김영환, et al
2016-03Identification of the microbes mediating Fe reduction in a deep saline aquifer and their influence during managed aquifer recharge고명수; 조경진; 정다운, et al
2011-06Mechanism and sensing effect of doped ZnO nanowires for ethanol gas sensing정다운; 김경원; 이득희, et al
2016-05Multi-Functional Transparent Luminescent Configuration for Advanced Photovoltaics한일기; 한준수; 권석준, et al
2016-02Multi-functional transparent luminescent configuration for advanced photovoltaics한일기; 한준수; 권석준, et al
2010-11Nitrogen doping effect on long-term stability of zinc oxide TFTs using DBD-PLD system전윤수; 정유진; 정다운, et al
2002-11Osmium tetroxide-(QN)₂ PHAL in an ionic liquid: a highly efficient and recyclable catalyst system for asymmetric dihydroxylation of olefins송충의; 정다운; 노은주, et al
2010-06Role of Hf in amorphous oxide thin film transistors fabricated by rf-magnetron sputtering정유진; 전윤수; 조경철, et al
2010-06Stability enhancement of amorphous zinc oxide thin film transistors fabricated by pulsed laser deposition with DBD전윤수; 정유진; 조경철, et al
2014-05Succession of marine biofilm community by the chlorine adaptation정다운; 배효관; Tanja Kleintschek, et al
2010-10Temperature Induced Instability of Passivation-Free Amorphous Indium Zinc Oxide (a-IZO) Thin Film Transistor정유진; 전윤수; 조경철, et al
2010-11The characteristics changing of HfInZnO TFT with process conditions by RF sputter정다운; 정유진; 김승한, et al
2011-06Tunable electrical conductivity of Ag doped ZnO nanorods synthesized by simple hydrothermal route이득희; 풀락; 김경원, et al
2013-04Two-step selenization of electrodeposited CuInSe2 thin film박영일; 김동환; 정다운, et al
2003-09-17알켄일기가 치환된 방향족 화합물 유도체의 제조방법노은주; 송충의; 신원상, et al
2003-04-17이미다졸리움염에 고정화된 오스뮴 촉매와 키랄 리간드를 이용한 이웃한 키랄 다이올 화합물의 제조 방법 및 촉매회수 방법김관묵; 노은주; 송충의, et al
2012-04전착법을 이용한 CIS 광활성층의 조성 조절 방법박영일; 김동환; 정다운, et al