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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-123D Pose Tracking Using Particle Filter with Back Projection-Based Sampling이지용; 정문호; 이중재, et al
2006-05-033차원 계측을 위한 다수 교정 영상을 이용한 카메라 교정방법강동중; 유범재; 정문호, et al
2009-04A detection cell using multiple points of a rotating triangle to find local planar regions from stereo depth data강동중; 림성조; 하종은, et al
2006-09A Method for Camera Pose Estimation from Object of a Known Shape강동중; 하종은; 정문호
2010-11A New Skin Color Tracking Method Using an Oscillatory Neural Network Model for Moving Pictures황용원; 오상록; 유범재, et al
2004-12A Polyhedral Object Recognition Algorithm for Augmented Reality강동중; 하종은; 정문호
2007-08A Robust Approach Toward Face Tracking이윤형; 정문호; 하종은, et al
2007-09A robust face tracking using stereo camera이윤형; 정문호; 이중재, et al
2009-09A Service Framework of Humanoid in Daily Life김강건; 이지용; 김승수, et al
2005-07Adaptive Mean-Shift Tracking with Novel Color Model정문호; 유범재; 오용환, et al
2008-07An online optimal path decoder for HMM towards connected hand gesture recognition모나리자; 정문호; 유범재
2007-08Architecture and Implementation of Real-Time Stereo Vision with Bilateral Background Subtraction한상교; 정문호; 우성훈, et al
2006-09Attentive Person Selection for Human-Robot InteractionD.R. Uwamahoro; 정문호; 유범재, et al
2005-11Automatic Focusing of Visual Attention for a Robot Vision System박민철; 정문호
2007-09Balloon Burster: A CORBA-Based Visual Servoing for Humanoid Robot in a Distributed Environment이중재; 지민석; 김승수, et al
2007-08Biomimetic Stereo Vision System : Invariant Image Formation to Inclination정문호; 한상교; 정제교, et al
2006-10Color Region Tracking Against Brightness Changes정문호; 유범재; 이왕헌
2008-01Color segmentation robust to brightness variations by using B-spline curve modelingChiho Kim; 유범재; 정문호, et al
2009-08Coordinated Task Execution by Humanoid Robot김강건; 이지용; 김승수, et al
2009-01Detection of Calibration Pattern using Concentric Circles and Bimodal Distribution of Intensity Histogram강동중; 정문호
2008-10Detection of Calibration Patterns for Camera Calibration with Irregular Lighting and Complicated Backgrounds강동중; 하종은; 정문호
2004-12Gaze from Motion: Towards Natural User Interfaces정문호; M. Ohsugi; R. Funayama, et al
2009-09human-like catching motion of humanoid using evolutionary algorithm(EA)-based imitation learning박가람; 김강건; 김창환, et al
2009-01Improved-quality Real-time stereo vision processor한상교; 우성훈; 정문호, et al
2007-08Indirect Robot Pose Estimation Method With Respect To Use-Wearable Camera using Multi-View Camera System이현진; 정문호; 유범재, et al
2011-06MAHRU-M: A mobile humanoid robot platform based on a dual-network control system and coordinated task execution차영수; 김강건; 이지용, et al
2008-07Network-based humanoid MAHRU as ubiquitous robotic companion유범재; 김도익; 김창환, et al
2010-12Network-based Humanoid Operation in Home Environment김강건; 이지용; 김신정, et al
2008-08Online optimal path decoder of hidden Markov model and its application to connected gesture recognitionMonalisa Mazumdar; 정문호; 유범재
2010-12Robot Head-Eye Calibration Using the Minimum Variance Method김신정; 정문호; 이중재, et al