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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-10A Highly Efficient NOx Removal Technology Using MnO2 Catalyst and Ozone정종수; 진성민; 정주영
2012-06A Study on the Odorous Pollutants Emitted from TFT-LCD Manufacturing Plant정주영; 박정구; 윤승진, et al
2019-06ANO1/TMEM16A regulates process maturation in radial glial cells in the developing brain오수진; 황은미; 홍규상, et al
2018-05Anoctamin 9/TMEM16J is a cation channel activated by cAMP/PKA signal오우택; 이병준; 정주영, et al
2007-08Bench-scale Experiment on Catalytic Decomposition of 1, 2 Dichlorobenzene by Vanadia-Titania Catalyst정주영; B. W. Kim; 정종수
2008-10Catalytic Conversion of 1, 2-dichlorobenzene Using V2O5/TiO2 Catalysts Synthesized by a Thermal Decomposition Process진성민; 정종수; 이정은, et al
2009-04Catalytic Oxidation of NO on MnO2 in the presence of Ozone진성민; 정종수; 이재헌, et al
2006-01Characteristics on the adsorption and photocatalytic degradation by an air filter coated with TiO2 for hazardous air pollutants정상근; 배귀남; 정주영, et al
2010-02Effect of titania nanoparticles with gas phase synthesis on the photocatalytic activity for nitrogen oxides진성민; 정종수; 박은석, et al
2012-07Evaluation of Malodor Release and Control Devices in Charcoal Manufacturing Facility정주영; 서병량; 김재혁, et al
2021-02Exchange Bias in Weakly Interlayer-Coupled van der Waals Magnet Fe3GeTe2최준우; 장혜정; 장차운, et al
2013-02Expression and regulation of SNAP-25 and synaptotagmin VII in developing mouse ovarian follicles via the FSH receptor최성식; 정주영; 이동호, et al
2020-08Fabricating in-situ Lorentz TEM Holder MEMS Chip for Observation of Skyrmion Dynamics이병철; 최준우; 장혜정, et al
2019-04Finding a New Magnetic Skyrmion Structure Using Lorentz TEM장혜정; 정주영; 김지훈
2018-11Finding skyrmion in a strong permenant magnet using Lorentz TEM장혜정; 정주영; Jeehoon Kim
2012-09Gaseous Odor Release in the Paint Manufacturing Plants and Cases of Process Improvement for Reduction정주영; 박정구; 정을규, et al
2020-12High-density N?el-type magnetic skyrmion phase stabilized at high temperature민병철; 최준우; 장혜정, et al
2012-11Low-temperature NO oxidation over Mn/TiO2 nanocomposite synthesized by chemical vapor condensation: effects of Mn precursor on the surface Mn species박은석; 진성민; 정주영, et al
2007-01Low-temperature Plasma Oxidation of Mercury and o-dichlorobenzene (DCB) compared with short wavelength UV light정주영; 진성민; 최재욱, et al
2019-11Magnetic skyrmion in hard magnet장혜정; 정주영; 이용우, et al
2019-11nfluence of combinatory effects of STEM Setups on the sensitivity of differential phase contrast imaging장혜정; 이광엽; 정주영, et al
2008-03Optimization of the removal efficiency of nitrogen oxides in the air using a low-pressure Hg lamp정주영; 정종수; 진성민, et al
2007-05Oxidation of Elemental Mercury Using In Situ Generated TiO2 and UV light정종수; 진성민; 정주영
2007-05Photodegradation of Gaseous Toluene Using Short-Wavelength UV/TiO2 and Treatment of Decomposition Products by Wet Scrubber정주영; 정종수
2011-01Preparation of TiO2 ultrafine nanopowder with large surface area and its photocatalytic activity for gaseous nitrogen oxides진성민; 박은석; 김민수, et al
2007-08Removal of gaseous elemental mercury by dielectric barrier discharge정주영; 정종수
2006-04Removal of Gaseous Elemental Mercury from Flue Gas Using Reactive Species정주영; 정종수
2006-06Removal of Gaseous Elemental Mercury Using Reactive Species Produced by Dielectric Barrier Discharge정주영; 정종수
2012-08Self-activated ultrahigh chemosensitivity of oxide thin film nanostructures for transparent sensors이재우; 심영석; 김도홍, et al
2006-08Simultaneous Removal of Gaseous Elemental Mercury and Dichlorobenzene from Flue Gas using Reactive Species Produced from Dielectric Barrier Discharge and Short-wavelength UV정주영; 최재욱; 서동진, et al