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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003-11A Material Development Toward Long Cyclic Super-resolution Readout and Writing정병기; 이현석; 이택성, et al
2000-01A study of GaN characteristics affected by stress existing in N+-implanted Si(111) substrate고의관; 박용주; 김은규, et al
1998-10Analysis and simulation of SF6 tracer experiments for tracking the pollutant transport김영성; 조성호; 경남호, et al
1995-01Bench-scale fluidized-bed plastic waste pyrolysis.김영성; 선도원; 배달희, et al
1997-09C-V characteristics of Pt/SrBi2Ta2O9/CeO2/Si structure for non-volatile memory devices이호녕; 신동석; 김용태, et al
2000-09Characteristics of GaN films grown on the stress-imposed Si(lll)고의관; 박용주; 김은규, et al
1998-03Characteristics of Metal/Ferroelectric/Insulator/Semiconductor field effect transistors using a Pt/SrBi//2Ta//2O//9/Si structure이호녕; 임명호; 김용태, et al
1999-05Characteristics of Pt/SrBi2Ta2O9/Y2O3/Si ferroelectric gate capacitors이호녕; 김용태; 조성호
1997-04Characteristics of SrBi//2Ta//2O//9/CeO//2/Pt/Si structure for non-volatile memory device이호녕; 김용태; 이창우, et al
1997-08Characteristics of SrBi//2Ta//2O//9/thin oxide/Si structure for non-destructive read out김용태; 이호녕; 임명호, et al
1998-01Characterization of the nitrided GaAs thin layers after rapid thermal annealing by using raman scattering.고의관; 박용주; 김은규, et al
1997-05Chirped DBR grating 구조가 파장 가변 다전극 DBR 레이저 다이오드의 특성에 미치는 영향 .조성호; 김회종; 한일기, et al
2000-02Comparison of memory effect between YMnO3 and SrBi2Ta2O9 ferroelectric thin films deposited on Si substrates이호녕; 김용태; 조성호
1999-01Correlation between morphological and electrical characteristics of Pt/SrBi2Ta2O9/CeO2/Si capacitors이호녕; 조성호; 신동석, et al
1990-03Deep electron traps in GaAs layers grown on (100)Si substrates by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition.김은규; 조훈영; 김용, et al
1990-02Deep levels in GaAs grown on Si during rapid thermal annealing.김용; 조훈영; 김은규, et al
1990-03Deep traps in GaAs layers grown on (100)Si substrates by Mo(VI).김용; 조훈영; 김은규, et al
1999-06Dependence of crystallinity of SrBi2Ta2O9 thin films on crystallinity of YMnO3/Si substrates이호녕; 김익수; 김용태, et al
1995-10Effect of bottom electrodes on the structural and electrical properties of the ferroelectric lead titanate (PbTiO//3) thin films.김용태; 이호녕; 이정건, et al
1995-01Effect of excess oxygen on the properties of reactive sputtered RuO//x thin films.김용태; 이정건; 조성호, et al
1994-01Effect of multilayered SrS-SrS:Ce-SrS phosphor by multi-source deposition on the thin film electroluminescence devices주병권; 염태호; 조성호, et al
1997-01Effects of bottom electrode on the structural and electrical properties of PbTiO//3 ferroelectric thin films이호녕; 김용태; 조성호
1990-02Effects of leakage current on isothermal capacitance transient spectroscopy signals for midgap levels in GaAs.김은규; 조훈영; 조성호, et al
1991-12Electron paramagnetic resonance characteristics of the Mn activator in a ZnS:Mn electroluminescent device.이윤희; 오명환; 조성호
2010-04Enhanced Diffusion in Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells Using Oscillating Flow황용신; 이대영; 최종원, et al
1994-10EPR study on the Mn center in aged electroluminescent device with electron-beam evaporated ZnS:Mn phosphor layer이윤희; 오명환; 한택상, et al
1991-01Fabricated of Yellowish-orange light emitting AC-TFELD이윤희; 이경재; 오명환, et al
1999-12Ferroelectic switching properties of highly c-axis oriented YMnO3 gate capacitors이호녕; 김익수; 김용태, et al
1999-06Ferroelectric switching properties of highly c-axis oriented YMnO3 gate capacitors이호녕; 김용태; 조성호
2002-06GaN 결정 내의 결함 연구박일우; 조성호; 김종현, et al