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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-09Calcium as a Trigger for Cerebellar Long-Term Synaptic DepressionElizabeth A. Finch; 게이코 야마모토; 조지어거스틴
2011-08Cell type-specific channelrhodopsin-2 transgenic mice for optogenetic dissection of neural circuitry functionShengli Zhao; Jonathan T Ting; Hisham E Atallah, et al
2010-11Channel-mediated tonic GABA release from glia윤보은; 이수정; Ken berglund, et al
2010-11Channel-Mediated Tonic GABA Release from Glia이수정; 윤보은; Ken Berglund, et al
2013-04In vivo optogenetic tracing of functional corticocortical connections between motor forelimb areasRiichiro Hira; Fuki Ohkubo; Yasuhiro R. Tanaka, et al
2013-03Light-emitting channelrhodopsins for combined optogenetic and chemical-genetic control of neuronsBerglund Ken; Birkner Elisabeth; 조지어거스틴, et al
2013-09Next-generation transgenic mice for optogenetic analysis of neural circuitsBrent Asrican; 조지어거스틴; Ken Berglund, et al
2014-10Optogenetic activation of presynaptic inputs in lateral amygdala forms associative fear memoryJeong-Tae Kwon; 류이치 나카지마; 김형수, et al
2014-06Optogenetic mapping of cerebellar inhibitory circuitry reveals spatially biased coordination of interneurons via electrical synapsesJinsook Kim; 이수정; Sachiko Tsuda, et al
2011-01Optogenetic probing of functional brain circuitryJames J. Mancuso; Jinsook Kim; 이수정, et al
2014-03Optogenetic stimulation of the auditory pathwayVictor H. Hernandez; Anna Gehrt; Kirsten Reuter, et al
2012-12Optogenetically induced sleep spindle rhythms alter sleep architectures in mice김미연; Charles Latchoumane; Soojung Lee, et al
2014-10Optogenetics reveals a role for accumbal medium spiny neurons expressing dopamine D2 receptors in cocaine-induced behavioral sensitizationShelly Sooyun Song; Byeong Jun Kang; 레이웬, et al
2014-02Precise control of movement kinematics by optogenetic inhibition of Purkinje cell activityShane A. Heiney; Jinsook Kim; 조지어거스틴, et al
2013-01Probing the function of neuronal populations: combining micromirror-based optogenetic photostimulation with voltage-sensitive dye imagingSachiko Tsuda; Michelle Z.L.Kee; Catarina Cunh, et al
2010-09Progressive NKCC1-dependent neuronal chloride accumulation during neonatal seizuresDzhala, Volodymyr I.; Kuchibhotla, Kishore V.; Glykys, Joseph C, et al
2010-05Quantifying the Effects of Elastic Collisions and Non-Covalent Binding on Glutamate Receptor Trafficking in the Post-Synaptic DensitySantamaria, F; Gonzalez, Jossina; 조지어거스틴, et al
2010-07Synapsins Differentially Control Dopamine and Serotonin ReleaseKile, Brian M; Guillot, Thomas S.; Venton, B. Jill, et al
2011-08The diffusional properties of dendrites depend on the density of dendritic spinesFidel Santamaria; Stefan Wils; Erik De Schutter, et al
2013-10Visualization of Synaptic Inhibition with an Optogenetic Sensor Developed by Cell-Free Protein Engineering AutomationJoshua S. Grimley; Li Li; Weina Wang, et al