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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995-01A-C impendence spectroscophy analysis of LiTaO//3-type single crystal and ceramic.주기태; M. Dong; J. M. Reau, et al
1986-01About new ferroelectric ceramics of composition deriving from LiTaO//3 and with high shrinking coefficients.주기태; Jean Ravez; Paul Hagenmuller
2007-01Anisotropic polar state of Sr0.75Ba0.25Nb2O6 single crystalAnnie Simon; 주기태; Mario Maglione, et al
1997-09Anomalous dielectric relaxation in reduced LiNbO3 single crystals김정돈; 주기태; 김호기
1998-09Birefringence measurements of 1mol%Mg:LiNbO//3 with noncollinear-phase-matching cone이종수; 이범구; 주기태
2001-02Cation diffusion characteristics in MgO-doped LiNbO₃ during Ti diffusion김령한; 박형호; 주기태
1987-01Correlation between cation distribution and Curie temperature in some lithium titanate (LiTaO3) based ferroalectric ceramicsJ. Senegas; 주기태; Jean Ravez
1988-01Correlations between sintering conditions and microstructure in ceramics of composition (Li0.8Mg0.2)(Ta0.8Ti0.2)O3주기태; Jean Ravez; Jean Pierre Bonnet, et al
1997-04Crystal growth and photoefficiency of Ce:SBN crystal fiber임기수; 이수천; 김명유, et al
1994-01Crystal Growth of and the Effect pf Crucible Type and Atmosphere박승익; 채승욱; 김정돈, et al
1989-01Crystallographic and dielectric proper-ties of LiTaO//3 based solid solution in the system Li//2O-Ta//2O//5-M//2O//3 (M=Al,Cr).주기태; 김정돈; 장성도
1985-01Crystallographic and dielectric properties of LiTaO//3-based non-stoichiometric solid solutions substituted by trivalent ions.주기태; Jean Ravez; Paul Hagenmuller
1996-11Czochralski 방법에 의한 β-BaB//2O//4 단결정 성장.주기태; 김정돈; R.K. Route, et al
1993-01Czochralski 법에 의한 LiTaO//3 단결정의 성장 .주기태; 박승익; 정수진
1988-01Development of low temperature firing ceramics substrates.주기태; 김정돈; 장성도
2003-07Dielectric and electrical properties of Ce,Mn:SBN강봉훈; 백영섭; 이범구, et al
2003-08Dielectric properties of SrxBa1-xNb2O6 ceramics and single crystals주기태; 강봉훈; 임기수, et al
2006-03Dielectric Properties of SrxBa1-xNb2O6 Ceramics and Single Crystals강봉훈; 주기태
1996-04Direct Czochralski 법에 의한 β -BaB//2O//4 단결정육성 .주기태; 김정돈; R. K. Route, et al
1994-01Direct melt growth of β-BaB2O4 single crystals using the Czochralski method주기태; R. K. Route; K. I. Schaffers, et al
1997-08Domain structure and electrical properties of β -BaB//2O//4 single crystals grown by direct czochralski methodA. A. Plokhikh; 김정돈; R. K. Route, et al
1998-02Domain structure and electrical properties of β-BaB2O4 single crystals grown by direct czochralski methodA. A. Plokhikh*; 김정돈; 주기태, et al
1999-06Effect of MgO doping on the physical properties of LiNbO₃ single crystals김정돈; 이종수; 이범구, et al
1995-01Effect of second phase on structure and properties of LiNbO//2 and Mg-doped LiNbO//3.주기태; C. D. Kim; I. S. Jeong, et al
1997-08Effect of the poling electric field on the physical properties of 2 mole% MgO-doped LiNbO//3김정돈; 김호기; 주기태
2000-04Effects of poling voltage and atmosphere conditions on congruent LiNbO₃ single crystals김정돈; 주기태
2000-09Efficient second harmonic generation of pulsed Nd-YAG laser radiation with noncritically phase-matchable LiNbO₃ in room-temperature이종수; 강봉훈; 이범구, et al
1997-11Efficient second harmonic generation of Q-switched Nd:YAG laser radiation using LiNbO3 with 2 mol% MgO doping이종수; 이범구; 김종돈, et al
1997-08Electrochemical Ag**+ ion exchange in LiNbO//3A. A. Plokhikh; 김정돈; 주기태
1998-02Electrochemical Ag+-Li+ ion exchange in LiNbO3A. A. Plokhikh*; 김정돈; 주기태