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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-12An electrical switching device controlled by a magnetic field-dependent impact ionization process이진서; 주성중; 김태엽, et al
2006-04Asymmetric Magnetoresistance in a Double Magnetic Barrier Device주성중; 홍진기; 이긍원, et al
2007-12[CoFe/Pt] 다층박막의 자발 홀 효과이하나; 김태완; 엄종화, et al
2004-07Control of the spin-orbit Coupling by gate voltage in semiconductor FET structures홍진기; 이진서; 주성중, et al
2008-02Detection of a countable number of magnetic particles for biological applications using a Hall device김영철; 주성중; W. Lee, et al
2007-12Detection of magnetic particles for biological applications using a local-Hall device주성중; 이진서; 김영철, et al
2008-05Detection of magnetic particles for biological applications using a local-Hall device주성중; Y. Kim; W. Lee, et al
2012-04Effect of oxidizing the ferromagnetic electrode in magnetic tunnel junctions on tunneling magnetoresistance주성중; 정구열; 이병찬, et al
2008-05Electrical switching controlled by magnetic field이진서; 주성중; 김태엽, et al
2008-06Electrical switching controlled by magnetic field이진서; 주성중; 김태엽, et al
2009-07Enhancement of negative differential resistance effect by magnetic field in InSb tunneling diode주성중; 김태엽; 송진동, et al
2006-08Exchange biased spin polarized with an embedded nano-oxide layer for a substantially lower switching current density뉴엔티호앙옌; 이현정; 주성중, et al
2007-01Field Dependence of Switching Currents in an Exchange Biased Spin ValveHoang Yen Thi Nguyen; 주성중; 정구열, et al
2005-06Improvement of the spin transfer induced switching effect by copper and ruthenium buffer layer뉴엔티호앙옌; 이현정; 주성중, et al
2009-07InSb-based switching device operating at room temperature using magnetic controlled avalanche process for the application to magnetologic devices송진동; 홍진기; 주성중, et al
2007-12Inverse giant magnetoresistance due to spin-dependent bulk scattering in Fe1-xCrx/Cu/CoNgoc Anh Nguyen Thi; Hoang Yen Nguyen Thi; 이현정, et al
2007-03Kondo Effect in Magnetic Tunnel Junctions이경일; 주성중; 이제형, et al
2019-12Large Magnetoconductance in GaAs Induced by Impact Ionization구현철; 김태엽; 주성중, et al
2008-12Large magnetoresistance at room temperature in InSb주성중; T Y Kim; J. S. Lee, et al
2010-03Large spontaneous Hall angle in [Co, CoFe/Pt] multilayerH. N. Lee; Y. J. Cho; J. H. Eom, et al
2008-05Large Tunneling Anisotropic Magnetoresistance in a Magnetic Tunnel Junction with a Single박병국; J.Wunderlich; 주성중, et al
2007-01Local Hall effect in hybrid ferromagnetic/semiconductor devices홍진기; 주성중; 김태석, et al
2007-03Longitudinal resistance on a serial magnetic barrier device주성중; 홍진기; 이긍원, et al
2009-04Magnetic bead counter using a micro-Hall sensor for biological applications이운현; 주성중; 김선웅, et al
2013-11Magnetic field controlled InSb avalanche diodes for reconfigurable logic장준연; 주성중; 김태엽, et al
2013-02Magnetic-field-controlled reconfigurable semiconductor logic주성중; 김태엽; 신상훈, et al
2013-07Magneto-reconfigurable semiconductor logic at room temperature주성중; 김태엽; 신상훈, et al
2005-05Reduction in critical current of current-induced switching in exchange-biased spin valves뉴엔티호앙옌; 이현정; 주성중, et al
2007-12Spin polarization and applications of paramagnetic high g-factor semiconductors이진서; 주성중; 김태엽, et al
2007-12Spin polarization of a non-magnetic high g-factor semiconductor at low magnetic field이진서; 백지현; 주성중, et al