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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000-04A novel cephalosporin designed for the treatment of meningitis김성훈; 남길수; 장관영, et al
2000-09Beckmann rearrangements of 1-indanone oxime derivatives using aluminum chloride and mechanistic considerations이병세; 추소영; 이인영, et al
1999-09Cocrystallization of two conformers of (2S,3S,9S,10S)-2,3,9,10-tetraphenyl-1,4,8,11-tetraoxacyclotetradecane-6,13-dione송충의; 김양희; 김관묵, et al
1999-07Design and synthesis of binaphthol-derived chiral ketone catalysts for dioxirane-mediated asymmetric epoxidation of olefins김양희; 이교철; 지대윤, et al
2000-04Heterogeneous asymmetric epoxidation of alkenes catalysed by a polymer-bound (pyrrolidine salen)manganese( Ⅲ ) complex송충의; 노은주; 유병묵, et al
2004-04Hydroxylation of alkyl halides with water in ionic liquid: significantly enhanced nucleophilicity of water김동욱; 홍동진; 서재웅, et al
1999-06I-123 labelled paclitaxel노은주; 박영훈; 오천림, et al
2000-12Immobilization of ketone catalyst: a method to prevent ketone catalyst from decomposing during dioxirane-mediated epoxidation of alkenes송충의; 임진석; 김수창, et al
1991-01New 3-substituted cophalosporins. I. 3-[thiazolo · [2,3-C][1,2,4]triazol-3-yl]-and 3-[thiazolo[3,2-b][1,2,4]triazol-2-yl]thiomethyl derivatives.김성훈; 장은숙; 전기호, et al
1999-04New chlorinating agent, sodium chlorate : aromatic chlorinations and α -chlorinations of ketones최한영; 문병석; 이본수, et al
1998-11New efficient synthesis of 6,7-dibromoquinoline-5,8-diones최한영; 이병세; 지대윤, et al
1998-06New efficient synthesis of ethyl 2,3-cycloalkenopyridine-4-carboxylate김하영; 김성훈; 남길수, et al
2002-09New method of fluorination using potassium fluoride in lonic liquid: significantly enhanced reactivity of fluoride and improved selectivity김동욱; 송충의; 지대윤
2000-08New synthetic route to 7-(N-substituted-amino)-2-methylquinolone-5,8-diones지대윤; 최한영; 김동욱, et al
1990-01New thiazolo[3,2-b][1,2,4]triazole derivatives : useful compounds for the preparation of 7-substituted cephalosporins.남길수; Jae Chul Lee; 지대윤, et al
2013-06New triarylpyrazoles as broad-spectrum anticancer agents: Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation모하메드엘가말; 박이슬; 지대윤, et al
2002-11Osmium tetroxide-(QN)₂ PHAL in an ionic liquid: a highly efficient and recyclable catalyst system for asymmetric dihydroxylation of olefins송충의; 정다운; 노은주, et al
2002-06Preparation of 7-alkylamino-2-methylquinoline-5,8-diones최한영; 김동욱; 지대윤, et al
2000-01Radiolabeling of paclitaxel with electrophilic 123I노은주; 박영훈; 송충의, et al
1999-09Radiolabeling of paclitaxel with electrophilic ¹²³I송충의; 노은주; 박영훈, et al
1999-01Radiolabelling of paclitaxel with electrophilic ¹²³I송충의; 노은주; 박영훈, et al
2008-04Self-assembled glycol chitosan nanoparticles for the sustained and prolonged delivery of antiangiogenic small peptide drugs in cancer therapy김종호; 김유신; 박경순, et al
2003-03Significantly enhanced reactivities of the nucleophilic substitution reactions in ionic liquid.김동욱; 송충의; 지대윤
2000-07Syntheses and binding affinities of 6-nitroquipazine analogues for serotonin transporter. part 1이병세; 추소영; 이병철, et al
2002-03Syntheses and binding affinities of 6-nitroquipazine analogues for serotonin transporter. part 2: 4-substituted 6-nitroquipazines이병세; 추소영; 이병철, et al
2007-05Syntheses and binding affinities of 6-nitroquipazine analogues for serotonin transporter. Part 5: 2'-Substituted 6-nitroquipazines이재학; 최용현; 임유진, et al
2003-11Syntheses and binding affinities of 6-nitroquipazine analogues for serotonin transporter: Part 3. A potential 5-HT transporter imaging agent, 3-(3-[18F]fluoropropyl)-6-nitroquipazine이병세; 추소영; 이교철, et al
1998-04Synthesis and anticancer activity of pyrrolonaphthoquinones and pyrroloquinolinediones박윤영; 지대윤; 김동찬, et al
2001-12Synthesis and binding affinities of 2 β -(3-iodoallyloxycarbonyl)-3 β -(4-substituted-aryl)tropane analogues as ligands for the정규현; 임충환; 이동률, et al
1999-05Synthesis and cytotoxic activity of aziridinylquinolinediones윤은영; 박윤영; 박상우, et al