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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-02A bias-dependent model of the electrical impedance of ionic polymer metal composites차영수; Maurizio Porfiri
2014-02A particle image velocimetry study of the flow physics generated by a thin lamina oscillating in a viscous fluidMohammad Jalalisendi; Riccardo Panciroli; 차영수, et al
2015-03A physics-based model for actuation and sensing of ionic polymer metal composites차영수; Maurizio Porfiri
2012-06A physics-based model of the electrical impedance of ionic polymer metal composites차영수; Matteo Aureli; Maurizio Porfiri
2019-04A Thermal Stimulating Glove for Virtual Reality차영수; 김승원; 김성희
2009-12Design and Implementation of Mobile Humanoid Robot Control System Based on Dual Network차영수; 유범재
2009-10Development of a Remote-Controlled Mobile Robot for Foreign Language Education이성온; 김도익; 차영수, et al
2009-07Dual Control Network Method for Efficient Real-time Humanoid Robot Control System차영수; 유범재
2013-12Electrical impedance controls mechanical sensing in ionic polymer metal composites차영수; Filippo Cellini; Maurizio Porfiri
2012-08Energy exchange during slamming impact of an ionic polymer metal composite차영수; C. N. Phan; M. Porfiri
2016-02Energy harvesting from a piezoelectric biomimetic fish tail차영수; Woojin Chae; Hubert Kim, et al
2014-08Energy harvesting from fluid-induced buckling of ionic polymer metal compositesFilippo Cellini; 차영수; Maurizio Porfiri
2013-09Energy harvesting from the tail beating of a carangiform swimmer using ionic polymer metal composites차영수; Matteo Verotti; Horace Walcott, et al
2013-11Energy harvesting from underwater base excitation of a piezoelectric composite beam차영수; Hubert Kim; Maurizio Porfiri
2013-05Energy harvesting from underwater torsional vibrations of a patterned ionic polymer metal composite차영수; Linfeng Shen; Maurizio Porfiri
2015-11Energy harvesting from underwater vibration of an annular ionic polymer metal composite차영수; Shervin Abdolhamidi; Maurizio Porfiri
2014-07Energy harvesting from vortex ring on an annular ionic polymer metal compositeJiaCheng Hu; 차영수; Maurizio Porfiri, et al
2016-10Energy harvesting from walking motion of a humanoid robot using a piezoelectric composite차영수; Seokmin Hong
2013-10Fabrication and buckling analysis of ionic polymer metal composite pipesLinfeng Shen; 차영수; Adel Shams, et al
2016-07Flexible Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting from Mouse Click Motions박정민; 차영수; 김기훈, et al
2015-10Flow measurement and thrust estimation of a vibrating ionic polymer metal compositeWoojin Chae; 차영수; Sean D Peterson, et al
2014-10Influence of temperature on the impedance of ionic polymer metal composites차영수; Hubert Kim; Maurizio Porfiri
2011-06MAHRU-M: A mobile humanoid robot platform based on a dual-network control system and coordinated task execution차영수; 김강건; 이지용, et al
2014-12Matching the impedance of ionic polymer metal composites for energy harvesting차영수; Hubert Kim; Maurizio Porfiri
2014-11Mechanics and electrochemistry of ionic polymer metal composites차영수; Maurizio Porfiri
2020-08Multidirectional Cylindrical Piezoelectric Force Sensor: Design and Experimental Validation차영수; Ye Rim Lee; Justin Neubauer, et al
2010-11Novel Method of Remote Robot Control System based on Smart Phone차영수; 서은호; 김도익, et al
2020-09Object classification based on piezoelectric actuator-sensor pair on robot hand using neural network차영수; 정재훈; 임현정, et al
2020-07Piezoelectric Sensor with a Helical Structure on the Thread Core차영수; 박철언; 김호준