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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998-08-082,6-디메틸나프탈렌의 제조 방법구희정; 김영대; 김주희, et al
1998-08A novel precursor for the sol-gel and CVD methods to prepare alumina permselective membranes김주희; 최광진; 이중기, et al
1998-04A study on the preparation of 2,6-dimethylnaphthalene for the development of 2,6-naphthalenedicarboxylicacid manufacturing process김주희; 김전태; 김영대, et al
1998-04A study on the synthesis of 2,6-DMN(dimethylnaphthalene) using nafion as a catalyst김전태; 김주희; 김영대, et al
1998-10Ba : Ti ratio effect on BaTiO3 particle size and crystallinity. II. Drying temperature effect on crystal structure구희정; 우경자; 최광진, et al
1999-04Ba:Ti ratio and pressure effect on stoichiometric barium titanate김헌; 우경자; 최광진, et al
1999-11BaTiO3 particles prepared by microwave-assisted hydrothermal reaction using titanium acylate precursors최광진; 김현상; 조영상
1996-05Bisethylacetoacetato Cu(II) as a novel metal-organic precursor for Cu film production by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition toward ultra-large-scale integration metallization.김주희; 최형수; 조영상, et al
1996-01Characteristics of alumina permselective membranes prepared by sol-gel method and CVD method.조영상; 김주희; 심상준, et al
1998-12Characteristics of BaTiO ₃ particles prepared by spray-coprecipitation method using titanium acylate-based precursors최광진; 이상균; 우경자, et al
2010-01Dynamic Calibration for the In-Line NIR Monitoring of Film Thickness of Pharmaceutical Tablets Processed in a Fluid-Bed Coater이민정; 박초롱; 김아영, et al
1997-06Effect of Au and WO3 on the surface structure and photocatalytic activity of TiO2이완인; 최광진; 도영락
1997-08Effect of substrate surfaces and heat treatments on adhesion of Cu films최광진; 조영상
1999-01Effects of Cu seeding layer on Si grown by partially ionized beam in plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition고석근; 최성창; 김기환, et al
1999-08Effects of temperature and current density on the characteristics of electroplated Pd films배인경; 최광진; 김주희, et al
1999-03Electrorheological suspensions of two polarizable particles김영대; 최광진; 심상준, et al
1999-01Fabrication of mono-dispersed ultrafine BaTiO₃ powder using microwave김현상; 최광진; 이상균, et al
1999-01Hydrolytic depolymerization of chitosan using organic acids to oligo-chitosaccharides최광진; 김현상; 심상준, et al
1998-09Hydrothermal synthesis of BaTiO3 and its characteristics이상균; 최광진; 우경자, et al
2000-01Improved thermomechanical stability of polymer-derived silicon carbide fibers by decaborane incorporation최광진; William Toreki; Christopher D. Batich
2011-11In-line monitoring and interpretation of an indomethacin anti-solvent crystallization process by near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS)이혜은; 이민정; 김우식, et al
1997-01Influence of tension during oxidative stabilization on SO2 adsorption characteristics of polyacrylonitrile(PAN) based activated carbon fibers이중기; 임종주; 김영대, et al
1999-08Iron removal process in highly polluted ground water: bench-scale of pilot plant test심상준; 강창덕; 이지훤, et al
1998-12Lewis acid catalysts and solvents effects on the alkylation of naphthalene김영대; 김주희; 심상준, et al
1997-01Microwave 를 이용한 키틴 분리공정에 관한 연구김현상; 심상준; 최광진, et al
2000-01Near-stoichiometric barium titanate synthesis by low temperature hydrothermal reaction우경자; 최광진; 조영상
2000-04New ba precursors for the synthesis of BaTiO₃ nanopowder by gas phase reaction신정애; 우경자; 최광진, et al
1997-12Nitrate removal and recycling technique이경희; 심상준; 최광진, et al
2000-01Optical properties of spark-processed Ge장성식; 최광진; R. E. Hummel
1997-01PHA synthase activity controls the molecular weight and polydispersity of polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) in vivo심상준; 최광진; 김영대, et al