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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06A Comprehensive Evaluation of the Copying Process of a Complex Figure in Early- and Late-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease: Quantitative Analysis of Digital Pen Data김고운; 이성윤; 최종두, et al
2009-09A Flexible Microelectrode for Mouse EEG최지현; Klaus Koch; Wigand Poppendieck, et al
2007-10A flexible multichannel electrode for mouse brain and its application to mouse EEG최지현; 이민아; 김종호, et al
2008-11A flexible, multi-channel electrode for mouse brain and its application to a mouse EEG최지현; 클라우스 코흐; 뷔간드 포펜딕크, et al
2008-03A Simultaneous NIRS-EEG study of absence seizure in the mouse brain이승덕; 이민아; Dalkwon Koh, et al
2017-08A Virtual Reality Memory Test Incorporating a Real-life Social Event Can Differentiate between Amyloid Positive and Negative Individuals최지현; 이혜주; 김고운
2017-08Altered Olfactory Processing in Traumatic Brain Injury Mouse Model최지현; 윤영현
2009-08Anesthetic-Induced Phase Transitions In Mice EEG/LFP황은진; 김승환; 신희섭, et al
2009-07Anesthetic-Induced Phase Transitions In Mice EEG/LFP황은진; 김승환; 신희섭, et al
2013-03Automated identification of multiple seizure-related and interictal epileptiform event types in the EEG of miceBergstrom RA; 최지현; Manduca A, et al
2019-03Baso-cortical and cortico-cortical gamma oscillations represent distinct attentional networks predicts of opposite trial outcomes최지현; 한효빈; 이가은
2016-07Biphasic responses of frontal gamma network to repetitive sleep deprivation during REM sleep최지현; 김보원
2011-04CaV2.3 Channels Are Critical for Oscillatory Burst Discharges in the Reticular Thalamus and Absence Epilepsy타리끄자만; 이규빈; 박청담, et al
2010-05Cerebral hemodynamic responses to seizure in the mouse brain: simultaneous near-infrared spectroscopy-electroencephalography study이승덕; 이민아; 고달권, et al
2012-10Change of local and global synchronization of gamma oscillations in relation to the depth of ketamine/xylazine anesthesia in MICE황은진; 최지현
2012-03Changes in the thalamocortical connectivity during anesthesia-induced transitions in consciousness김성필; 황은진; 강재환, et al
2013-11Characterization of connectivity in the thalamocortical network during anesthesia induced transition in consciousness최지현
2012-12Characterization of Phase Transition in the Thalamocortical System during Anesthesia-Induced Loss of Consciousness황은진; 김승환; 한경림, et al
2010-11Characterization of topographically different sleep spindles using simultaneous multi-channel EEG and thalamic LFP recording in mice김동욱; 이민아; 신희섭, et al
2015-01Characterization of Topographically Specific Sleep Spindles in Mice김동욱; 황은진; 이민아, et al
2014-11Chronic sleep deprivation alters theta and gamma powers during REM sleep in mice김보원; Y. Kim; 황은진, et al
2013-08Coherence change in decision making point between PFC & Hippocampus이수현; 최지현
2010-11Comparison of thalamocortical oscillatory characteristics between GBL-induced and PLCβ4 KO absence seizure model in mice이민아; 김동욱; 신희섭, et al
2011-11Continuous phase transition and existence of hysteresis in anesthesia-induced loss of consciousness an recovery황은진; 최지현; 김승환
2011-08Correlation of functional and resting state connectivity of cerebral oxy-, deoxy-, and total hemoglobin concentration changes measured by near-infrared spectrophotometryUrsula Wolf; Vladislav Toronov; 최지현, et al
2011-09Cortical Mapping of the Optically Evoked Responses in Channelrhodopsin-2 Mouse Model김국배; Jounhong Ryan Cho; 신희섭, et al
2013-07Cortical Source Localization of Mouse Extracranial Electroencephalogram using the Fieldtrip Toolbox이충기; Robert Oostenveld; 이수현, et al
2014-11Cortical topography of auditory steady-state response in mice using high density EEG김태; 정영인하; C. LEE, et al
2015-03Cortically projecting basal forebrain parvalbumin neurons regulate cortical gamma band oscillationsTae Kim; Stephen Thankachan; James T. McKenna, et al
2017-09Cortically projecting basal forebrain parvalbumin positive neurons alter the scale-free properties of auditory steady-state responses최지현; 황은진