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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-10A Difluoroboron beta-Diketonate Probe Shows "Turn-on" Near-Infrared Fluorescence Specific for Tau Fibrils추현아; 류훈; 현승재, et al
2020-02Acceleration of somatic cell reprogramming into the induced pluripotent stem cell using a mycosporine-like amino acid, Porphyra 334류훈; 현승재; Junsang Yoo, et al
2020-06Alterations of transcriptome signatures in head trauma-related neuro degenerative disorders류훈; 현승재; Hyesun Cho, et al
2020-05Distinct dual roles of p-Tyr42 RhoA GTPase in tau phosphorylation and ATP citrate lyase activation upon different Aβ concentrations류훈; 현승재; Kim Cuong Cap, et al
2020-06Epigenome signatures landscaped by histone H3K9me3 are associated with the synaptic dysfunction in Alzheimer's disease류훈; 현승재; Min Young Lee, et al
2019-07EWSR1, a multifunctional protein regulates cellular function and aging via genetic and epigeneitc pathways정수영; 류훈; 최미현, et al
2018-04Genetic Ablation of EWS RNA Binding Protein 1 (EWSR1) Leads to Neuroanatomical Changes and Motor Dysfunction in Mice정수영; 류훈; 푸옹 티 뉴옌, et al
2021-03Hevin-calcyon interaction promotes synaptic reorganization after brain injury황은미; 류훈; 김아정, et al
2017-02Increased acetylation of Peroxiredoxin1 by HDAC6 inhibition leads to recovery of A beta-induced impaired axonal transport류훈; 현승재; Heesun Choi, et al
2021-02L-Citrulline Level and Transporter Activity Are Altered in Experimental Models of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis류훈; 현승재; Asmita Gyawali, et al
2021-03Modulation of SETDB1 activity by APQ ameliorates heterochromatin condensation, motor function, and neuropathology in a Huntington’s disease mouse model배애님; 추현아; 김윤경, et al
2021-05Paternal Behavioral Plasticity in mice김수현; 고혜영; 류훈, et al
2021-02Power failure of mitochondria and oxidative stress in neurodegeneration and its computational models류훈; Ali Yousefian Jazi; 현승재, et al
2020-06PyrPeg, a Blood Brain-Barrier-Penetrating Two-Photon Imaging Probe, Selectively Detects Neuritic Plaques, Not Tau Aggregates배애님; 박기덕; 박종현, et al
2019-06Quantitative Proteomic Analysis Reveals Impaired Axonal Guidance Signaling in Human Postmortem Brain Tissues of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy류훈; 현승재; Baibin Bi, et al
2017-11Remodeling of heterochromatin structure slows neuropathological progression and prolongs survival in an animal model of Huntington’s disease김동진; 배애님; 추현아, et al
2018-02SIRT3 deregulation leads to mitochondrial dysfunction and neuronal damage via p53 activation in Alzheimer’s disease이경은; 류훈; 김연하, et al
2021-04The alteration of L-carnitine transport and pretreatment effect under glutamate cytotoxicity on motor neuron-like NSC-34 lines류훈; 현승재; Asmita Gyawali, et al
2017-05Transcriptome analyses of chronic traumatic encephalopathy show alterations in protein phosphatase expression associated with tauopathy김동진; 김종현; 김윤경, et al
2021-06"Turn-On" Quinoline-Based Fluorescent Probe for Selective Imaging of Tau Aggregates in Alzheimer's Disease: Rational Design, Synthesis, and Molecular Docking류훈; 현승재; Ahmed A Elbatrawy, et al
2021-06“Turn-On” Quinoline-Based Fluorescent Probe for Selective Imaging of Tau aggregates in Alzheimer's Disease: Rational Design, synthesis, and molecular docking남길수; 김윤경; 임성수, et al
2020-04Visualization of soluble tau oligomers in TauP301L-BiFC transgenic mice demonstrates the progression of tauopathy배애님; 김윤경; 임성수, et al