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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-092-Bromo perylene diimide: synthesis using C-H activation and use in the synthesis of bis(perylene diimide)-donor electron-transport materialsJunxiang Zhang; Sanjeev Singh; 황도경, et al
2018-102D WSe2/MoS2 van der Waals heterojunction photodiode for visible-near infrared broadband detection황도경; 이효선; 안종태, et al
2019-06A New Architecture for Fibrous Organic Transistors Based on a Double-Stranded Assembly of Electrode Microfibers for Electronic Textile Applications박민철; 임정아; 황도경, et al
2021-02A new method of carrier density measurement using photocurrent maps of a 2D material Schottky diode황도경; 안종태; 안일호, et al
2020-08All 2D WSe2/MoS2 heterojunction photodiode and its image sensor application박민철; 황도경; 안종태, et al
2013-01Benzo[1,2-b:6,5-b0]dithiophene(dithiazole)-4,5-dione derivatives: synthesis, electronic properties, crystal packing and charge transportYulia A. Getmanenko; Marina Fonari; Chad Risko, et al
2013-05Bis(naphthalene diimide) derivatives with mono- and dicarbonyl-fused tricyclic heterocyclic bridges as electron-transport materialsYulia A. Getmanenko; Lauren E. Polander; 황도경, et al
2016-02Black Phosphorus-Zinc Oxide Nanomaterial Heterojunction for p-n Diode and Junction Field-Effect Transistor황도경; 이영택; 전표진, et al
2014-04Carrier transport of inverted quantum dot LED with PEIE polymer손동익; 김홍희; 황도경, et al
2016-06Chemical free device fabrication of two dimensional van der Waals materials based transistors by using one-off stamping최원국; 황도경; 이영택
2019-03Chiroptical-Conjugated Polymer/Chiral Small Molecule Hybrid Thin Films for Circularly Polarized Light-Detecting Heterojunction Devices임정아; 황도경; 한혜미, et al
2019-04Circularly polarized light-detecting organic photodiodes with heterojunction bilayer structures임정아; 황도경; 한혜미, et al
2019-06Circularly polarized light-detecting organic photodiodes with hybrid films by blending of achiral semiconducting polymer and chiral small molecule임정아; 황도경; 한혜미, et al
2012-04Complementary-like inverters based on an ambipolar solution-processed molecular bis(naphthalene diimide)-dithienopyrrole derivativeShree Prakash Tiwari; Jungbae Kim; Keith A. Knauer, et al
2017-08Design of binary patterns for speckle reduction in holographic display with compressive sensing and direct-binary search algorithm박민철; 황도경; 티보르펄티에
2018-04Dimensional Crossover Transport Induced by Substitutional Atomic Doping in SnSe2이수연; 황도경; 이영택, et al
2014-08Doped Tin Oxide thin films prepared by Radio-Frequency Magnetron sputtering for conducting electrode of Organic Photovoltaic's cells리나 팬디; 위창환; 임주원, et al
2015-09Dual Gate Black Phosphorus Field Effect Transistors on Glass for NOR Logic and Organic Light Emitting Diode Switching김진성; 전표진; 이준영, et al
2012-12Easily Reducible Materials from the Reactions of Diselenopheno[3,2-b:2′,3′-d]pyrrole and Dithieno[3,2-b:2′,3′-d]pyrrole with TetracyanoethyleneYulia A. Getmanenko; Thomas A. Purcell; 황도경, et al
2013-02Eco-friendly Emissive ZnO-graphene QD for bluish-white light-emitting diodes김홍희; 손동익; 황도경, et al
2014-11Effect of geometric lattice design on optical/electrical properties of transparent silver grid for organic solar cells임주원; 이영택; 리나 팬디, et al
2014-11Effect of geometric lattice design on optical/electrical properties of transparent silver grid for organic solar cells임주원; 이영택; 임근용, et al
2014-11Effect of Light Scattering and Trapping of Ag Nanowire Transparent Electrode for Flexible Organic photovoltaics유태희; 왕병용; 임주원, et al
2014-11Electrical and Optical Properties of Asymmetric Dielectric/Metal/Dielectric (DMD) electrodes prepared by Radio-Frequency Sputtering리나 팬디; 위창환; 황도경, et al
2016-12Emissive CdTe/ZnO/GO quasi-core-shell-shell hybrid quantum dots for white light emitting diodes한일기; 최원국; 원성옥, et al
2015-03Enhanced device performances of WSe2-MoS2 van der Waals junction p-n diode by fluoropolymer encapsulation전표진; 민성욱; 김진성, et al
2015-04Enhanced Light Scattering and Trapping Effect of Ag Nanowire Mesh Electrode for High Effi cient Flexible Organic Solar Cell왕병용; 유태희; 임주원, et al
2014-11Enhanced Light Scattering and Trapping Effect of Ag Nanowire Mesh Electrode for High Efficient Flexible Organic Solar cell유태희; 왕병용; 임주원, et al
2014-09Fabrication and surface plasmon coupling studies on the dielectric/Ag structure for transparent conducting electrode applications리나 팬디; Basavaraj Angadi; 김성근, et al
2014-07Fabrication of SiOxNy barrier film for flexible organic photovoltaic by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition진창규; 황도경; Tae-Whan Kim, et al