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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-12A Cooperative Search Strategy(CSS) for Moving Targets in Dynamic Environment권민혁; 강연식; 임헌영, et al
2011-05A Path & Velocity Profile Planning Based on A* Algorithm for Dynamic Environment권민혁; 강연식; 김창환, et al
2011-04A Robust Lane Recognition Technique for Vision-Based Navigation with a Multiple Clue-Based Filtration Algorithm서승범; 강연식
2009-08Adaptive Nonlinear Model Predictive Path Tracking Control for a Fixed-wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle양광진; Salah Sukkarieh; 강연식
1998-01An axisymmetric finite element analysis of hot tube extrusion using ceramic dies강연식; 양동열; 정순길, et al
2010-07Autonomous Navigation of KUVE (KIST Unmanned Vehicle Electric)전창묵; 서승범; 이상훈, et al
2012-02Dependable Humanoid Navigation System Based on Bipedal Locomotion강연식; 김현수; 유수현, et al
2008-06Design of a multiple humanoid cooperative control software임헌영; 강연식; 이중재, et al
2009-03Development of Autonomous Navigation Robot in Outdoor Road Environments노치원; 강연식; 강성철
2009-08Development of Autonomous patrol robot for fire-watch in Urban Environment서승범; 강연식; 노치원, et al
2008-10Dynamic Obstacle Detection and Avoidance for Mobile Robot using Ladar Sensor강연식; 김선도; 노치원, et al
2008-11Experiments of Autonomous Lane Tracking Control Using Monocular Camera서승범; 강연식; 노치원, et al
2009-05Experiments of Urban Autonomous Navigation using Lane Tracking Control with Monocular Vision서승범; 강연식; 노치원, et al
2009-07Formation Control of Leader Following Unmanned Ground Vehicles using Nonlinear Model Predictive Control임헌영; 강연식; 김종원, et al
2008-09Framework of a Cooperative Control Software for Heterogenerous Multiple Network Based Humanoid임헌영; 강연식; 이중재, et al
2010-10Hierarchical Optimal Time Path Planning Method for a Autonomous Mobile Robot using A* Algorithm권민혁; 임헌영; 강연식, et al
2009-10Knowledge-based Control of a Humanoid Robot최동규; 강연식; 임헌영, et al
2009-09Linear Tracking for a Fixed-Wing UAV Using Nonlinear Model Predictive Control강연식; J. Karl Hedrick
2008-08Multiple Humanoid Cooperative Control System for Heterogeneous Humanoid Team임헌영; 강연식; 이중재, et al
2008-07Multiple Target Tracking and Forward Velocity Control for Collision Avoidance of Autonomous Mobile Robot김선도; 노치원; 강연식, et al
2008-10Nonlinear Model Predictive Controller Design with Obstacle Avoidance for a Mobile Robot임헌영; 강연식; 김창환, et al
2008-06Obstacle avoidance of a mobile robot using model predictive control임헌영; 강연식; 곽재혁, et al
2008-05Real-time Obstacle Map Building with Target Tracking강연식; Derek S. Caveney; J.K. Hedrick
2009-10Robust Lane Recognition Technique for Vision-Based Navigation with Multiple Detection Clues서승범; 강연식; 노치원, et al
2010-06Sensor Fusion-Based Line Detection for Unmanned Navigation전창묵; 서승범; 노치원, et al
2008-11Time-suboptimal Real Time Path Planner for a Humanoid Robot Under Linear Motion Constraint류수현; 이용훈; 강연식, et al
2008-09-26다수 로봇의 이동 속도와 방향을 고려한 다수로봇의 대형 유지 및 제어 방법강연식; 강현덕; 곽재혁, et al
2010-07-29레이저 센서와 카메라를 이용한 차선 인식 시스템강성철; 강연식; 노치원, et al
2008-07-08보행로봇의 최적경로 계획방법강동중; 강연식; 김대광, et al