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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999-05A study on the leachate treatment by adsorption-oxidation강윤환; 장민; 김동언, et al
1999-05A study on the reduction of potassium dichromate in the sulfuric acid solution권철웅; 강윤환; 황경엽
1999-01Correction of hydrogen peroxide interference on standard chemical oxygen demand test강윤환; 조민정; 황경엽
1999-01Effects of fenton's reagents on the COD removals by coagulation강윤환; 조민정; 손장호, et al
1997-01Effects of fentons reagent on the oxidation efficiency in treatment of landfill leachate by fenton's oxidation강윤환; 손창호; 황경엽
2000-07Effects of reaction conditions on the oxidation efficiency in the fenton process강윤환; 황경엽
1997-11Interference of Fenton's reagent on the standard COD조민정; 강윤환; 황경엽
1998-04Isothermal vapor-liquid equilibria for the binary systems of chlorine with difluoromethane, chlorodifluoromethane, and dichlorodifluoromethane at 10 ℃강윤환; 조성용; 나인욱
1997-01Isothermal vapor-liquid equilibria for the systems 1-chloro-1,1-difluoroethane + hydrogen fluoride, 1,1-dichloro-1-fluoroethane + hydrogen fluoride, and chlorodifluoromethane + hydrogen fluoride강윤환; 이윤용
1999-05Leachate treatment by advanced continuous fenton's oxidation process강윤환; 나인욱; 황경엽
2000-02Mechanical pretreatment of waste activated sludge for anaerobic digestion process나인욱; 강윤환; 황경엽, et al
1999-05Organic wastewater treatment by fenton's oxidation added by activated carbon장민; 강윤환; 황경엽
1999-01Phase equilibria for the binary mixtures containing hydrogen fluoride and non-polar compound.강윤환
1998-08Preparation of 1,1-dichloro-1-fluoroethane by 1,1,1-trichloroethane fluorination in the reactor with reflux column강윤환; 이윤용
1999-05Quantitative analysis of leachate treatment process by fenton oxidation조민정; 강윤환; 김지형, et al
1997-01Removals of the organic substances by oxidation and coagulation in treatment of the landfill leachate by Fenton's강윤환; 황경엽; 손창호
1998-11Treatment of landfill leachate by wet oxidation조민정; 강윤환; 김지형, et al
1999-01Treatment of landfill leachate by wet oxidation조민정; 강윤환; 김지형, et al
1996-01Vapor-liquid equilibria for the systems composed of 1-chloro-1,1-difluoroethane,1,1-dichloro-1-fluoroethane, and 1,1,1-trichloroethane at 50.1 ℃ .강윤환; 이윤용
1996-01Vapor-liquid equilibria for the systems containing hydrogen fluoride.강윤환; 이윤용
1996-01Vapor-liquid equilibria for the systems difluoromethane + chlorodifluoromethane, difluoromethane + dichlorodifluorometane, and difluoromethane + chloromethane at 10.0 ℃ .강윤환; 정건용
1998-01Vapor-liquid equilibria for the systems difluoromethane + hydrogen fluoride, dichlorodifluoromethane + hydrogen fluoride, and chlorine + hydrogen fluoride강윤환
2000-07-13생물학적 혐기성반응공정의 미생물담체로서 입자상활성탄을 이용한 생물학적 염색폐수의 처리방법강윤환; 나인욱; 이준규, et al
1998-01응집에 의한 유기물 제거에 미치는 펜톤시약의 영향에 관한 연구강윤환; 조민정; 손장호, et al
2000-05-30자연적 탈수 및 분해력을 이용한 슬러지 처리 장치 및 이장치를 사용한 슬러지 처리 방법강윤환; 나인욱; 이준규, et al
1998-05펜톤시약을 사용한 침출수 처리강윤환