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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-05A chemical prove for Ag ion using immobilized anthracene on self-assembled glass신동헌; 고영건; 최웅수, et al
2007-04Adsorption and equilibrium adsorption modeling of bivalent metal cations on viscose rayon succinate at different pHsDashkhuu Khasbaatar; 고영건; 최웅수
2013-04Amines immobilized double-walled silica nanotubes for CO2 capture고영건; 이현정; 오현철, et al
2007-04An Elastic Fibrous Scaffold for Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering김수현; 정은나; 김상헌, et al
2003-04Anion (chromate ion) adsorption modeling on chelating fibers having amine groups under various pH고영건; 최웅수; 신동헌
2006-08Apparatus and Method for Preparation of Tubular Porous Fibrous Scaffold for Vascular Tissue Engineering김상헌; 정은나; 고영건, et al
2001-10Behavior of anhydrous electrorheological suspensions based on chitosan dicarboxylate지한순; 고영건; 최웅수, et al
2006-01Bowing effect with fluorescence: A unique chemosensor for the silver ion신동헌; 고영건; 최웅수, et al
2016-01Ceo2-covered nanofiber for highly effieient removal of phosphorous from acqueous solution고영건; 도태구; 전영상, et al
2012-05Characterization of Surface Properties and Cytocompatibility of Ion-etched Chitosan Films고영건; Seong Mi Yu; Sang Joon Park, et al
2007-03Characterization of the Gel-Spun Tubular Scaffold for Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering정은나; 김상헌; 고영건, et al
2006-08Characterization of the Gel-Spun Tubular Scaffold for Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering정은나; 김상헌; 고영건, et al
2004-08Chemical structure and electrorheological effect on chitosan derivatives성보현; 고영건; 최웅수, et al
2004-05Chemical Structure Designing to Enhance the Yield Stress of Electrorheological Fluids Based on Modified Chitosan Compounds고영건; 최웅수; 성보현
2006-09Confirmation of heavy metal ions in used lubricating oil from a passenger car using chelating self-assembled monolayer고영건; 김충현
2004-05Copper compounds Crystal Growth on the amine Groups Introduced chelating Fiber고영건; 신동헌; 최웅수
2019-10Core/shell hybrid fiber with aminated PAN and Fe2O3 as a high capacity adsorbent for phosphate ions최웅수; 김충현; 도태구, et al
2004-07Cu Crystal Growth on a Chelating Fiber with Different Amine Chain Lengths고영건; 신동헌; 최웅수
2013-09Cu2+ sequestration by amine-functionalized silica nanotubes고영건; 이현정; 오현철, et al
2004-05Design of High Efficiency Chelate Fibers with an Amine Group To Remove Heavy Metal Ions and pH-Related FT-IR Analysis신동헌; 고영건; 최웅수, et al
2017-12Design of negative electrorheological materials inspired by electrophoretic separation of biomolecules최웅수; 도태구; 정영균, et al
2012-06Dipolar-molecule complexed chitosan carboxylate,phosphate and sulpate dispersed electrorheological suspensions고영건; 이현정; 신승수, et al
1999-04Direct coupling of sulfonated PEG onto polymeric surfaces by ozone oxidation김영하; 고영건; 박기동, et al
2013-04Diverse applications of fibers surface-functionalized with nano- and microparticles고영건; 최웅수
2004-08E-beam aided 2-D,3-D array of submicron PS for photonic band gap신동헌; 고영건; 최웅수, et al
2006-08Effect of a Hydrogel-Seeding Method on Cell Adhesion and Proliferation into PLCL Scaffold for Vascular Tissue Engineering김수현; 박인수; 김상헌, et al
2012-10Effect of deacetylation degree of the gelation of chitosan dispersed ER fluids도태구; 오현철; 고영건, et al
2011-08Effect of pH on Cu(II) crystal growth onto the surface of chelating fiber고영건; 최웅수
2002-10Electrical and rheological properties of chitosan malonate suspension고영건; 최웅수
2004-08Electrical and rheological properties of ER fluid composed of hollow sphere particles as the disperse phase성보현; 고영건; 최웅수, et al