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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-12Charge Transport Characteristics of High Efficiency Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Based on Electrospun TiO2 Nanorod Photoelectrodes이병홍; 송미연; 장성연, et al
2012-10Colloidal Gold Nanoparticle Formation Derived from Self-Assembled Cyclodextrin/Au Salt Complex정재우; 곽승엽; Rodney D. Priestley
1996-01Correlation of NMR relaxation behavior, surface morphology, and reverse osmosis (RO) characteristics in aromatic polyamide composite membranes곽승엽; 김재진; 김은영
1997-01Correlations of chemical structure, atomic force microscopy (AFM) morphology, and reverse osmosis (RO) characteristics in aromatic polyester high-flux RO membrane.김재진; 곽승엽; 염민오, et al
2012-12Covalent assembly of metal nanoparticles on cellulose fabric and its antimicrobial activity박성용; 정재우; Rodney D. Priestley, et al
1998-12Effect of molecular structure of polyarylates on the compatability in polyarylate/poly(vinyl chloride) blends최중환; 곽승엽; 김상용, et al
1996-09Effects of bisphenol monomer structure on the surface morphology and reverse osmosis (RO) performance of thin-film-composite membranes composed of polyphenyl esters.곽승엽; 김창근; 김재진
1997-01Formation and performance of heat- and solvent-resistant ultrafiltration membranes based on poly(p-phenylene terephthalamide)유종훈; 김재진; 곽승엽
2001-04Formation of organic/inorganic nanocomposites using modified clay김명훈; 곽승엽; 이상수, et al
1996-01Investigation of structure-property-performance interrelations in aromatic polyamide RO membranes as probed by solid-state NMR spectroscopy and atomic force microscopy김재진; 곽승엽
1996-01Molecular level structural heterogeneity in poly(ether-ester)/poly(vinyl chloride) blend characterized by cross-polarization/magic angle spinning 13C nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.김재진; 곽승엽; 김은영
1995-01Morphology formation of continuous/dispersed phases in mechanical mixing of copolyester thermoplastic elastomer(hytel) with PVC and relaxation studies on solid-state structures of the blend with high-resolution 13C NMR곽승엽; 김재진; N. Nakajima
2002-02Polyethylene/clay nanocomposite by in-situ exfoliation of montmorillonite during ziegler-natta polymerization of ethylene진용현; 박홍조; 임승순, et al
2001-10Polymer/clay nanocomposite by in-situ exfoliation of montmorillonite during ziegler-natta polymerization of ethylene곽순종; 진용현; 박홍조, et al
2001-10Silazane precursor를 이용한 epoxy/silica nanohybrids 제조양재호; 곽승엽; 이상수, et al
2005-08Solvent-Free Polymer Electrolytes - I. Preparation and Characterization of Polymer Electrolytes Having Pores Filled with Viscous P(EO-EC)/LiCF3SO3전재덕; 곽승엽; 조병원
2005-04Solvent-free polymer electrolytes based on thermally annealed porous P(VdF-HFP)/P(EO-EC) membranes전재덕; 조병원; 곽승엽
2001-10Specific interaction governing the melt intercalation of clay with poly(styrene-co-acrylonitrile) copolymers이상수; 이춘수; 김명훈, et al
2002-12Synthesis of highly crosslinked monodisperse polymer particles: effect of reaction parameters on the size and size distribution최정수; 곽승엽; 강성택, et al
2001-04Synthesis of new silane compound containing latent catalyst and its sol-gel bahavior양재호; 곽승엽; 김준경, et al
1996-01Use of CP/MAS 13C NMR spectroscopy and atomic force microscopy(AFM) to characterize structure-property-performance relationships in polyamide reverse osmosis (RO) membranes곽승엽; 김재진
2005-04Wear-resistant ultra high molecular weight polyethylene/zirconia composites prepared by in situ Ziegler-Natta polymerization박홍조; 곽승엽; 곽순종